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300th Post/Vintage Bicycle Posters

RaleighPoster1922 5739319893_619df02e08_o raleigh-poster pic-737 ZZZ+BIK+Raleigh+Trent+fr+1957+Catal


Seems a Little Extreme…



1969 CCM Imperial 700/ 3 Speed

For sale on Kjiji Guelph.

$(KGrHqJ,!qYFJStl!MvRBS(9mmMpTQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqFHJBcFBTcf+!YIBS(9m0o5+w~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!)YFIccvWYqwBS(9nCgRHw~~48_20 $T2eC16RHJHUFFiZ3FB+IBS(9nQ4g7g~~48_20 $T2eC16RHJHUFFiZ3FB+IBS(9nfC7vQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqEOKpQE7I)Sq07BBS(9n93qJ!~~48_20


1948 Raleigh Superbe Dawn Tourist



1967 Raleigh Catalogue

1967raleighcat_us_01_lg 1967raleighcat_us_02_lg 1967raleighcat_us_03_lg 1967raleighcat_us_04_lg 1967raleighcat_us_05_lg 1967raleighcat_us_06_lg 1967raleighcat_us_07_lg 1967raleighcat_us_08_lg


Vintage Hercules Tourist

Another vintage bike on Kijiji Toronto. A vintage HerculesTourist. The seller doesn’t state the year but I would think from the 50’s..

$(KGrHqMOKpYFJJ-60F)ZBSVGRGghRQ~~48_20 $T2eC16hHJH0FG2!3sRbWBSVGRYT18w~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!)EFIplVDyBOBSVGRnpv(!~~48_20 $T2eC16ZHJIEFHR1jQEEUBSVGR6EG5!~~48_20Below are a few pages from the 1953 Hercules catalogue.

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.09.48 AM Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.11.22 AM Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.10.27 AM Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.10.41 AM Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.10.57 AM Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.13.17 AM Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.13.44 AMSo some fun with inflation again. The list price above for one of the bikes @ 16 pounds would cost you today 389.86 pounds

or $621.75 CDN.


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show Photos

p1100285More photos of the 2013 show can be found at Vintage CCM.


1934 BSA Bicycles



1965 Rudge 3 Speed

$(KGrHqN,!qUFHeL2Nhk+BSEO8Mwtnw~~60_57 $(KGrHqJ,!lIFI!q52LddBSEO8kiiRw~~60_57 $T2eC16V,!)8E9s4l7,pjBSEO9M5z+Q~~60_57 $(KGrHqF,!qsFH3Ip)VQMBSEO-F!E1g~~60_57 $T2eC16Z,!wsE9suwyR1FBSEO-g0jPg~~60_57 $(KGrHqZ,!lwFHrOnUoY8BSEO+bJKJQ~~60_57


1950 Raleigh Sports Tourist

There’s a good article here on refurbishing a 1950 Raleigh Sports Tourist.



1955 BSA Catalogue

img-4379-copy img-4380-copy img-4381-copy img-4381-copy1 img-4382-copy img-4382-copy2 img-4383-copy img-4383-copy2 img-4384-copy img-4384-copy1 img-4385-copy img-4385-copy1


1938 BSA Pricelist

1_1938_bsa_catalogue 2_1938_bsa_catalogueAgain, using the inflation calculator, the British price of 6 pounds and 11 shillings for the 3 speed model converts to $587.00 today. So even back in 1938 buying a bicycle was a considerable investment.


Another 3 Speed Video


3 Speed Hub Mechanics Explained (Somewhat)


1965 CCM Continental w/Rear Dynohub

This popped up on Kijiji Toronto today.

$(KGrHqV,!mEFIrDyzTDKBSONLN!p1!~~48_20 $T2eC16F,!y0FI,gjes+pBSONLQQ1qg~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJG!FFmhSkmcPBSONLUDs1g~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!)gFIg-1dCv)BSONLYIv,Q~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJHwFG1RPGY1LBSONL,25lg~~48_20


Schwinn Speedster 3 Speed

$T2eC16JHJFsFFR-L4dliBSNH96Psiw~~48_20 $(KGrHqF,!rEFIfP)fgKCBSNH9+QWVQ~~48_20


1969 Raleigh Catalogue

02Note that someone has written the price of $74.95 on the page, under the Superbe. A quick check of the inflation calculator reveals that this same purchase would cost $590.00 in 2013. I don’t think that you could find anything comparable today for that amount, taking into account the bike came with a leather saddle, a pump, a rack, a Dynohub generator and front and rear lights.


1957 Schwinn Corvette 3 Speed

Another 3 speed currently available on Craig’s List @ $250.00. Located in Parkdale, Toronto.

00p0p_jNBjVlZqO65_600x450 00u0u_4xFWVZvTXSF_600x450 00R0R_fyuLcCGcFIr_600x450


Yet Another Raleigh Superbe

This one is currently for sale in Parkdale, Toronto.

Here’s a link to the ad on Craig’s List

All in all a very nice bike with all the accessories.

00K0K_6F5PxCKtjuA_600x450 01010_2QilsL7TrHB_600x450 00L0L_ecwqYTk5yFB_600x450


Hercules AMF 3 Speed

6a00d83452989a69e20134853e0a0f970c-800wi 6a00d83452989a69e20134853e0b19970c-800wi


Old Raleigh Adverts



Supercycle 3 Speed

$(KGrHqZHJDoFIS3m+NWPBSJ0)oKZvg~~48_20 $T2eC16V,!y8E9s2fjtksBSJ0yDkGD!~~48_20 $(KGrHqVHJFQFIhlF0332BSJ0yQIsqw~~48_20This from a Rob:

Mid to late sixties, senior public and early high school in Richmond Hill – the gold Supercycle racer was definitely the bike to have. I remember a leather seat and steel rat-trap pedals – and of course the coolest guys removed the fenders. Several of my friends had gold racers.

I never managed to own one but modified my Raleigh 3 speed roadster by flipping and reversing the North Road bars and adding my own leather saddles and steel pedals – very hip. We rode those 3 speeds everywhere – the “Hill” in those days was pretty rural – loads of dirt roads and farmers tracks to explore.

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for one of these I don’t think they were all that common – nice find. I did though manage to dig up a 1965 Raleigh roadster – blue and pretty complete , awaiting restoration.

I’m sure I found this add on Kijiji Toronto. The bike is not mine.

I remember the late sixties as well and it seems to me that we all started to think of the 3 speeds as a “kid’s” bike since the older teenagers were all getting 10 speeds, a grown up bike.

I still prefer the simplicity of design and function of the internal hub and find no need for all those extra gears.


CCM Continental 3 Speed

$T2eC16dHJIQFHHEZdSqoBSJetWhDG!~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!zYFIccfePtyBSJetpidmg~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!)0FIZPRcSs8BSJety1ik!~~48_20 $T2eC16h,!)4FI,D!1,9rBSJet9BpGw~~48_20 $(KGrHqNHJCEFIMsq!ZlIBSJeuQevVQ~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJIIFHJ(rBjHEBSJeuZZCug~~48_20$(KGrHqZHJCoFIVWcuS2SBSJetgOhuw~~48_20


1950’s Rudge 3 Speed

$T2eC16V,!zMFIcF)D!llBSH-LFw78g~~48_20 $T2eC16h,!yYFIbVC!qgFBSH-LTUW,!~~48_20 $T2eC16J,!wsE9suw)yL-BSH-Ld6tgQ~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!yoFIejWvwQZBSH-LrEPOQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqV,!lsFIBoiyJWTBSH-L5PeZQ~~48_20 $T2eC16d,!)MFIcGkFz-NBSH-MLey)g~~48_20 $(KGrHqR,!qIFIYQbR(zEBSH-M(NSig~~48_20 $(KGrHqFHJCkFIKvbt+BqBSH-M0nYE!~~48_20This one’s currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto @ $500.00 or best offer.


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