Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles

Canadian Made Sunshine Bicycle

Built in Waterloo Ontario, this one is for sale on Queen Street near Bathurst for $125.00.

A little history from the web:

“Incorporated in 1929 by H.V. McKay of Sunshine Harvester Works(Australia) and Massey-Harris(Canada). Sunshine-Waterloo Company Ltd. was formed. They built a 285,000 square foot plant in Waterloo, Ontario in 1930. The company was involved in manufacturing mainly farm equipment before the war. The company diversified during the 1930s adding the production of baby carriages, bicycles, tricycles and roller skates. In 1939 the manufacturing converted to war-related production army trucks, smoke bombs, shells, mines, grenades and gun mounts. Following the war, market changes led to the company adding office products, stoves, shelving and lockers. Massey-Ferguson Industries Limited(formed in 1953 from Massey-Harris-Ferguson) purchased H.V.MacKay’s share in 1955, acquiring the Sunshine-Waterloo Company in the process.

This association allowed the company to expand in the office equipment market leading to a switch in focus in 1956 almost entirely to the manufacture of steel office furniture. The name was changed to Sunshine Office Equipment Limited in 1961”

A nice Sunshine/Whizzer conversion.

More on the bike. here.


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