Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


A Bevy of Bikes

Reader Basil S. writes:

1)pic 023) My first Nottingham built Raleigh Superbe was found behind a factory in the Niagara area. Left by owner’s wife years ago, It was 100% complete, but had been left outside so long, there were bee’s nests in the handlebars and vines growing through the spokes. After oiling the chain, the original tires held air,and I rode it for a few laps. I think it date codes as a 1973.

2)pic 050) Around 40 hours were spent to restore this. We bought all the new parts at “Vintage Velo” in Paris, Ont.  We replaced the chain, 22T rear sprocket, cables, and new Schalwbe tires and tubes. this cost about $150.00 inc. tax. NOTHING was repainted. All ‘patina” was left as found, I just compounded all the painted surfaces, polished all the rust off the pitted chrome, and sanded every spoke till they shined.

3)pic DSC1836) All the lights work. The mice ate the seat liner, and the grips need changed. This one’s ridden daily as a single mother’s grocery getter and transportation. It needs a respoke now. there are three broken spokes in the rear wheel.
4)pic DSC1831) This Gazelle was my friend’s mother in law’s. She went back home to Holland for a summer after she retired, and bought it there, rode it around, and had it shipped home in 1985.
Again, needed nothing other than air to be rideable.
5)pic 277)After the standard refit of a 22T rear sprocket, and all white 28″ Schwalbes, new grips and a newer used seat were added. I found the saddlebags at the vintage bike show in Brantford. I ride this almost daily.
6)pic 391)My daughter’s Raleigh was purchased for $60 bucks at the Brantford vintage bike show. complete and rideable, it codes out as a Canadian built Raleigh Superbe. It was missing the lights, and the fenders were wrong. we swapped out Eaton’s Glider chrome fenders, polished every surface, and fitted cables, tires, chain, etc. She added a Nantucket basket. The seat, grips, bell, and valve stem caps all have the matching owl theme. She rides it almost daily with her basket full of groceries.
7)picDSC 3330) I found this 1977 Canadian made Raleigh Sports on Kijiji. It doesn’t have a scratch on it, and everything is original. The light takes D cell batteries.
8)pic DSC3328) Look at how perfect the seat is!
023 050 277 391 DSC_1831 DSC_1836 DSC_3328 DSC_3330A nice collection and thank you for sharing.

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  1. B E A utiful bikes

    January 13, 2016 at 2:16 pm

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