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Positive Experience at Urbane Cyclist

In the past I have met with resistance at some of the bike shops here in Toronto  when it comes to vintage bikes, but I want to relate a positive experience I had today with

Urbane Cyclist on John St.

Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-op Bicycle Store | 180 John St. Toronto M5T 1X5
Your Search: “sturmey archer” – Urbane Cyclist Bicycle Store | Toronto M5T 1X5
Looking at their website, they had a page of Sturmey Archer parts and the elusive Fulcrum Stop was listed as in stock. it’s the only thing I need to complete my 1937 Hercules Falcon. I made the trek downtown and although the Parts Manager assured me he had some (27 in stock) he couldn’t find them….
He just called me to say that they’d been located and would put a couple aside for pick up. This was a fair bit of work for a $2.00 part!
They also carry the correct size cotter pins.
Martin at Hoop Driver on College is also very helpful.
Hoopdriver Bicycles ? Distinctive Urban and Touring Bicycles


One response

  1. That’s always nice to hear. Looks like a nice shop.

    February 20, 2015 at 9:18 pm

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