Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles

Refuse Pile Rescue

David writes:

The bike is a ’62. Looks like it spent many years outdoors before I found it. We had it as “garden art” in our back yard with flowers in the basket for probably 3 years. I started to tear it down to more easily dispose of it when I thought about building it up. I’m into vintage cars & it’s common to take an old car & modernize the mechanicals so I applied that to the bike. I regret that I had already thrown the fork out, but I cleaned up a rusty old chrome fork from another freebie & I don’t mind the look.

Newer head bearings & races, newer tapered crankshaft with older Sugino cranks & rings  (from a great bike shop in Guelph- Backpeddling), new 700 rims & tires, new drop bars. Just need to finish the brake pulls & cables to ride.
IMG_1677 IMG_1679IMG_1680IMG_1683

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