Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


Raleigh Bitsa Coaster Update

I think I’m done with this one for now. I’ll revisit it when time and parts permit. I haven’t had a coaster bike since I was 7 years old but I quite like it’s simplicity. It’s called a Bitsa because it’s Bits of this and Bits of that…

P1170770 P1170771

Last post on this one until I find a 28″ front wheel. I’ll probably add a front caliper brake as well (recommended). The saddle is a well worn and broken in leather, Japanese Speedic. Total cost of this project is about $60.00 Canadian so about $45.00 U.S. Please ignore the rabid cat in the background.

P1170775 P1170774

Taking the advice of another vintage bicycle enthusiast, I’ve added a front caliper brake to this project. It’s an old Raleigh brake with an old CCM lever. Not pretty but at least the bike stops!

P1170834 P1170831

  • I can’t leave this one alone. I managed to find an old clean 28″ rim that would accomodate caliper brakes from George at Parts Unknown. Another George at Parkdale Bicycles had a tire that would fit . So for now the bike is complete. I had no idea how confusing tire sizes could be. Most of my bikes are British 3 speeds and take the standard 26″ tire. This rim was marked 28 x 1 1/2 ” Canadian size.

    P1170858 P1170860 P1170862 P1170872

    I had the bike out on Sunday for a good ride around the city and quite liked it…


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