Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


Jon’s Bikes

Jon A., the owner of the modified DL-1 has sent me some photos of a couple of other bikes in his collection. A very clean and correct 1973 Raleigh DL-1 and a 1970 model.

IMG_1619 chain corner frt

He’s also directed me to the Brothers Rich and the modified version of the DL that they make and sell known as the Charleston.


Jon writes:

BrothersRich sells self-branded luxury items, leather goods, etc. The BrothersRich Charleston goes for around $1800 US, not cheap, but it’s essentially a new bike, because Paul Eric Rich hunts down straight DL-1s on their last legs, takes them completely apart, repaints them and puts all new components in them, including modern bottom brackets, headsets and Shimano hubs. His main competition is the Pashley Guvnor, also around $2000, but the Guv is a 26″ bike. I think probably most of those bikes spend their lives on display (kind of a shame IMHO).

3 responses

  1. The Guv is NOT a 26 inch wheel bike! It’s a 28 inch wheel bike, though the smallest (20″) frame features 26 inch wheels. Also, the frame is Reynolds 531 vs the Hi-Ten steel on the DL-1. Anways, the Charlestons and Guvnors are indeed nice looking bikes, though I highly doubt I’d ever get either!

    October 12, 2015 at 1:53 pm

  2. I could never justify the purchase of a Pashley either. I’m quite content with a bike in the $150.00 -$250.00 restored/upgraded price range…..

    October 12, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    • Me too. My ’53 Rudge was my path-racer attempt. I loved that bike, but it was too small. If it was a 23″ I would have kept it. But yeah, I paid A LOT less restoring it than buying a Pashley! And that’s the thing: there are so many old three-speeds out there and in good shape. If they were hard to get, I might think about a modern equivalent. And me being me, I would rather get a custom frame built to my specifications than on a Pashley.

      October 12, 2015 at 8:54 pm

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