Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


Swiss 3 Speeds from Italy

Bruno, from Italy, has sent some photos of his various projects. Although they’re not English (my preference) they are Sturmey Archer equipped 3 speeds.

He writes:

Hello again Greg,

It’s Sunday … I attach here a few pictures of some bicycles that I recently bought on line and restored, all Swiss, same bike even though the factory logos are different, wheels 28, same women’s frame, many aluminum parts (brake levers, chain guard, rear rack), all with the sensational “Sturmey Archer” three-speed transmission; I did a soft restoration (total cleaning, vintage new saddles, grips, complete wiring, tail lights);

CH (Heidi) [B].jpgCH (Helmut Berger) [B].jpgCH (Tebag) [1].jpgCH (Heidi) [1].jpgCH (Helmut Berger) [1].jpgCH (Tebag) [A].jpgCH (Heidi) [A].jpgCH (Helmut Berger) [A].jpgCH (Tebag) [B].jpg

I still miss and am looking for some more aluminium chain guards (pictures attached), if you have any info about them please, let me know.

Carter Alluminio (1).jpgCarter (Tebag) [1].jpg


(+39) 368 3438010


One response

  1. diarmuid considine

    Lovely collection Bruno .You cant beat posts of peoples own bicycles

    March 5, 2017 at 2:48 pm

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