Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


Painting Your Bike

Blog reader Ven, has sent some photos of his Supercycle asking for some advice on how to paint.

I would first assess whether it was a worthwhile project. Is the frame and fork straight? Is the bike complete etc.? By the time you’ve taken the bike apart, sanded, painted, cleaned out the bottom bracket and head cups, repacked all the bearings etc. etc..

Getting those cotter pins out can be a real pain.

You may find it’s not worth the effort.


unnacvgnmed.jpgunna cvbmed.jpg

I can’t tell if this Supercycle is British made or Japanese. It’s clearly been painted before (poorly) and could use a full restoration.

A lot of things come apart (bikes, motorbikes, cars) and never get put back together.

I would consider if I had the commitment to see the project through.

I would do all the work myself as it’s not worth paying someone else to do it.

A bike worth $50.00 will end up costing you far more than it’s worth if you pay someone else.

If you do the work yourself you can probably get it back on the road for less than $100.

Including new tires, chain, brake pads, seat and supplies.

On the plus side, most of that vintage chrome can clean up very well with some aluminum foil and water.

Good luck and keep us posted as to your success.


One response

  1. Ven

    Can anyone help on painting my bicycle frame for lesser cost

    June 4, 2017 at 12:00 pm

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