Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


More Reader’s Bikes

Curtis S. writes:

Hi Greg, Here are a few of my 61 bikes. Mainly my 3 speeds but a couple 5 or 10 speed cruisers. Raleigh Twenty, West German Rallye Sport 2000, CCM Elite.

002 (4).JPG

006 (6).JPG004.JPG$_27 (58).JPG

This batch is a CCM Elite, John Deere, Eatons Glider, Free Spirit Sears, and Schwinn World Tourist.

004 (6).JPG


007 (3).JPG



Supercycle 5 spd, Eatons Glider 5 speed, Free Spirit Sears 3 speed, Supercycle 5 speed, John Deere 3 speed parts bike.

013 (5).JPG

010 (7).JPG

016 (2).JPG

016 (5).JPG


Raleigh Sports 3 spd, 1962 Ervo Sport Super 3 spd, as well as a Raleigh Pony 3 spd, Free Spirit ladies 10 spd cruiser, Raleigh Sprite, CCM Elan 3 spd, Torpado 3 spd and a few other cruisers. Rest are 11 mountain bikes, 9 road bikes, 2 CCM Imperial 3 spd, and a bunch of vintage CCM coaster bikes as well as other coasters. Even a couple Redbirds, a bunch of camelback CCM, a twin bar, a Zenith Marshall Wells CCM balloon tire bike etc.

084 (2).JPG






One response

  1. You got some different bikes their, i like to see in their
    original state. Never seen the one with the weird handle bars before
    maybe european.

    June 26, 2017 at 9:17 pm

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