Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


My Bitsa Semi Scorcher

A very pleasant day here in Toronto and a perfect day for a fall ride.

This bike is a true Bitsa in every sense (Bits of this and bits of that).

It’s a Raleigh built Glider 5 speed frame with a ’71 3 speed hub. The hub internals are from a 1961.

The trigger is mid ’60’s and the rest of the parts… who knows.


I’m calling it a Semi Scorcher because the handle bars are in the upright position rather than being inverted.


Saddle is a used Brooks B66 and the pedals are a pair of brand new MKS 3000R (reflector) from Curbside Cycle.P1190491.JPGP1190490.JPG

The bike is a pleasure to ride and without any fenders or racks, rattle free as well as being somewhat lighter.


The only cosmetic issue to address are the mis-matched crank arms. The drive side is the rounded type while the other is squared. Something to do in the spring….

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