Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


Reader’s Bikes

Blog reader, Jarg De G. from Amsterdam writes:
“I have rescued these from various thriftstores in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam.

If I’m not mistaken we are talking Superbe, Dawn Tourist and a BSA Sprint.

The Dawn Tourist has the following code stamped close to the saddle hole: 9895 EF
The Superbe has no code but the Sturmey Archer hub says: AB and 4  3
I believe the BSA is from 1967 because I found a similar model on the web with 1967 in the description.

Nice detail, the letters B S A are also visible the sprocket (is that the right word?)

Thank you for your informative and entertaining blog. It has perpatuated my love for the English Three Speeds.”
BSA Record 1967.jpg
This BSA uses the same chain guard as seen on some raleigh built Gliders here in Canada.
Raleigh Dawn Tourist.jpg
Raleigh Superbe.jpg
A very handsome collection.

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