Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


Indian Built Royal Cycle

Reader Steve P. has sent some photos of his project bike.

“Hi, Greg: I know the bicycle looks ragged out, and it should, considering that it has been out in the West Texas desert for who knows how long! I plan to keep the frame and fork as it is, and replace most of the parts. Including, possibly, the wheels. But, I want the handlebars to be the same style as they were-only fresher. Please post whichever photos you like. They have been reduced in file size for online publishing. And anyone who wants to help out would be greatly appreciated.”





Steve, looking at your photos I would be hesitant to spend a lot of money on a restoration. Replacement parts are available from Indian suppliers  but their quality can be dubious at best.


An aftermarket set for sale in Ireland for 38.00 pounds plus shipping.An aftermarket set for sale in England for 38.00 pounds plus shipping.

These bikes are still built in India, based on old British designs.

Here’s an Indian built BSA Roadster.


I would look around for a clean Raleigh Tourist and spend my time and resources on it instead. Just my opinion. Here’s a full restoration package offered by Highnelly for close to $1000.00


Keep us posted with any updates.



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