Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles

3 speed hub


Clean Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Another Kijiji listing from last week. Not sure of the year or price but I recall that it was quite reasonable.



Overpriced BSA 3 Speed

A recent Kijiji posting for a vintage BSA 3 speed.

I’m always on the look out for a nice BSA but this one’s priced at $1500.00!

The price and the after market non period parts makes this one a pass for me.

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Sturmey Archer Price List 1954


As best as I can figure, 40 Shillings and 9 Pence for the AW hub works out to about $63.00 (US) in today’s money or $85.00 Canadian.

I was able to pick up 3 NOS hub kits a while back for a good price.



Royal Enfield

Another submission from Diarmuid C.

“This is the Royal Enfield I restored myself.It was used as a film prop in the Irish Film drama “Rebellion “just before I bought the bike, it was at one stage a 3 speed before it was converted to to single.I decided to make it 3 speed again with a Dyno hub.I Had a lot of trouble fitting the carrier because the rear axle isn’t Long enough to accommodate the mudguard brackets and the carrier.So I mounted the mudguard brackets on a separate bolt behind the axle.  I’ve included before and after pictures”



Rare Rudge

Currently offered on Toronto Kijiji @ $500.00 OBO.

A 1952 Rudge 3 speed. “Britain’s Best Bicycle”.


Triumph 3 Speed

Another current Toronto, Kijiji listing. A vintage Triumph 3 speed listed at $100.00.



Raleigh Laurentian 3 Speed

A recent Kijiji listing for an early 60’s Raleigh Laurentian. These were specific models made for the Canadian market. A good looking bike at a reasonable $135.00 asking price.



1960 Superbe Update!

I decided not to paint this bike for the time being. I was anxious to get it back together and take advantage of the warm fall weather. Costs to date:
Bike purchase @ $50.00
New Tires @ $32.00
New Cables @ $18.00
New Brake Pads @ $6.00
Brake lever ferrule @ .40 cents (Outrageous!)
The chain ring crank needs to be straightened and I’ll repaint later.
Saddle is OK for now but will look for a vintage leather one.
I’ve also replaced both calipers with “newer” versions to do away with the proprietary earlier ones.
Took it for a shakedown ride today and have a few adjustments to make.



Vintage Robin Hood 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji posting. A vintage Robin Hood 3 speed, year unknown but I suspect early 1960’s. This one’s located at College and Bathurst and reasonably priced at $139.00.


Looking again, it looks like the front fork might be bent.


Nice CCM 3 Speed

Just listed on Kijiji Toronto, this CCM Galaxie 3 speed appears very clean and original. Reasonably priced at $100.00.


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Raleigh Ad 1962

This ad for a 1962 Raleigh Superbe is interesting as it suggests that the Dynohub can be put to use to provide  lighting in a fall-out shelter…



New Blue Raleigh for Steve

Blog reader Steve T. has sent some photos of his new purchase.

Details to follow.

DSCN0533.jpgDSCN0537.jpgDSCN0538.jpgDSCN0534.jpgDSCN0539.jpgDSCN0533 (1).jpgDSCN0540.jpgDSCN0535.jpgDSCN0541.jpg

 The bike is a 1979 Canadian made Superbe bought in Peterborough with all original parts. A lot of the parts I have replace where found on Kijiji, the front hub E bay. The wheel build cleaning and degreasing of bottom bracket and headset done by Dan
This fellow is in Oakville and does good work at an affordable price.  
Sun C18 rims with stainless steel straight spokes.
Rabino Flash tires 85 PSI
Velo Orange: handle bars, brake levers & seatpost
NIB German Union made 90 mm front hub with adjustable cones
Sturmey Archer SLS30- T3 shifters
Nitto Technomic Stem
MKS touring pedals
Stainless steel break cables & salmon break pads
CanadianTire chain & grips
Brooks Saddle & Millbrook bag


An Interesting Supercycle

Here’s a Raleigh built Supercycle for sale on Kijiji Toronto. A 3 speed hub with a coaster brake and caliper brakes as well. Priced at $225.00.$_27[1vcgzfry].jpg$_27xzdsrw[1].jpg$_27[vcgndf1].jpg$_27bcfzry[1].jpg .


Expensive But Interesting

Another Kijiji posting in Toronto. A vintage Ladies DL-1 Tourist from the late 1930’s.

Seller is asking a hefty $1300.00 but given the age, condition and overall completeness the price may not be that out of line.

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The Quadrant Shifter was last used in 1938 along with the K hub.


A period Wrights composite saddle.



The paint and rims look good as well.


3 Speed Mohawk Mystery Bike

Steve T. brought this bike to my attention. Currently listed on Kijiji Toronto, an American built bike with British components and a Canadian flag as an emblem….


Mohawk bicycles appear to have been built by the H.P. Snyder Company out of Little Falls, New York.


This bike sports a Canadian flag on the front and I assume it was packaged as a line for a small Hardware Store  or a Department Store chain. The one piece crank is a clue to it’s North American origin.


From “American Standard Time”.

“Most Hawthorne bicycles were manufactured by either H.P. Snyder or the Cleveland Welding Company. Because these companies made bikes for many brands, most Hawthorne bicycles were virtually identical to models made for other retailers, but paint colors, sprocket style and brand badging were different. Many parts on bikes coming from the same manufacturer are interchangeable. Snyder also made bikes for Rollfast.”





Gliders Galore!

Two more Raleigh built Eatond Gliders for sale on Kijiji Toronto.


The green one is a tall single speed but a good candidate for a 3 speed conversion.



Beatles and Bikes

Paul on a Raleigh Tourist in Nassau 1965.



1978 Raleigh Superbe


Here’s another one recently listed on Kijiji Toronto.

A 23″ frame with an asking price of $280.00. This could be a Canadian built bike.



1971 Raleigh Superbe

Another Kijiji Toronto listing. This one appears to be very clean and complete.

Seller is asking $370.00 and he has the fork key.



1973 Raleigh Superbe

This one’s for sale on Kijiji Toronto @ $350.00 or best offer.

Very clean and original. This is one of the nicest I’ve seen.



AMF Hercules Bicycles

AMF, American Machine and Foundry were distributors of British built Hercules bicycles in the 1960’s. A small AMF decal was applied to the chaincase.





1960 Oxford 3 Speed

This could be a re-branded Robin Hood. Union Cycle Company. Currently listed on Kijiji Toronto for $300.00. It is a tall frame, Precision Engineered and Safety Tested!



Union Cycle is a bit of a mystery brand with bikes being built in Japan, Germany, Holland and England. Below, a nice Japanese version. You can see how closely they were copying an English bike.



NOS Sturmey Archer Hub Kits

I picked up 3 of these last weekend, 1953 vintage.



1971 Hercules Update

This one has become my main everyday bike. The saddle bags are very handy for visits to the grocery or beer store. The mattress saddle was badly split so it’s been replaced with an old Wright’s composite saddle. The paint is rough on this one so it’s a good working bike.


I’m not sure what bike these bars and stem came from originally. I bought them from George at Parts Unknown, but I quite like them.



Christmas Update

Record breaking high temperatures here in Toronto have extended the riding season.

This 1972 Eatons Glider started off as a 3 speed but now sports a 1967/68 Torpedo 2 speed Kick Back hub with a coaster brake. I’ve added a caliper up front for safety.




I’ve inverted some shortened north road bars and a vintage Speedic saddle.


The tires are inexpensive Chao Yang brand from China supplied by George at Parkdale bikes.


All in all an interesting ride but I do prefer a 3 speed.

Thank You!

To everyone that participated in this year’s show.

Photos to follow.

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New Home for an Old Friend

This Supercycle 3 speed, pulled from the trash 3 years ago, has found a new owner in Hamilton and is currently getting a make over. Photos to follow soon.

Coming soon, the Third Annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!

Sunday July 27th at Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto.

p1050588The work in progress below.

-551 -552 -553 -554 -555Below the almost finished bike.

P1120997 P1130001A NOS CCM chain ring!


1959 Rudge Whitworth 3 Speed

Also on Ebay, the seller is asking $500.00 for this one!

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1955 Rudge Sports 3 Speed

This one is currently on Ebay @ $450.00.

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Two Hercules and a Rudge

Hercules Chrome Hercules Mens vinrudge