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Cyber Bully


Mean M****ster Mustard

Three Speed Mania has managed to attract a Cyber-Bully! Albert M., a Ham radio operator from Pennsylvania is unhappy with the current format of Three Speed Mania and would like me to post reader’s submissions, which I often do. Albert M. started following this blog in April of this year. His first comment was in regard to a photo of a customized VW.


Albert  M. writes:

“It’s best that you keep to bicycles. Also as one who has worked for VW dealerships in the 1960’s and is very familiar with VW Bugs, I can say with some authority that the jerk who modified the car’s suspension has created a death-trap vehicle. Again stay with bikes. “

He was a little aggressive but I encourage discussion and approved the comment.

Last week I received this comment and dismissed it as I thought it was spam.

“Your site is very boring! You present the same sort of crap over and over again. Is it beyond your your intellectual capacity to figure out that you should accept submissions from other 3-speed devotees?”

This morning I received another negative and aggressive comment and decided to do some digging.

 Your site is getting to be extremely boring. You present the same sort of 3-speeds over and over. Have considered asking for submissions or would this threaten your adolescent ego?       Al

I’m not sure what his angle is but he’s certainly not going about it the right way. There’s no need  for a man in his 70’s to be so mein.