Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles

Raleigh Sprite


70’s Raleigh Sprite 10 Speed

Not really I bike I would normally be interested in, this Raleigh Sprite was at the show yesterday and it seemed to have my name on it. Leather saddle and new tires.

I did sell a CCM Imperial earlier so felt somewhat justified it taking this one home. My wife, however was not as keen……

Thanks to Brian and Suzanne from Peterborough.

P1100353 P1100354 P1100357 P1100359A quick review of the bike reveals a sticker indicating it was sold by Banks Bicycle Shop in Peterborough.

ACVX00010008The first location.

ACVX00010014The second location, where this bike was purchased. Note the hanging Raleigh sign.


NOS Sturmey Archer Twin Shift 5

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1969 Raleigh 5 Speed Sprite

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