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Raleigh Superbe


Raleigh Superbe Dawn Tourist

Here’s a rare bike for sale here in Toronto. An early 60’s Dawn Tourist.



The owner is asking $600.00 OBO.

Taking into account the condition, originality, completeness and original accessories, this price may not be too far off….





The ad reads:

I’m selling my RALEIGH Superbe Dawn Tourist from the 1960s.
This is a very rare British bicycle to find and I imagine this to be the only one of it’s kind in the GTA.
It comes complete with original saddle bag, ROD BRAKES, Internal Dynohub (lighting system), 3 speed sturmey archer gear hub, front & rear lights, original raleigh kickstand, full chaincase, rare white raleigh branded pedals, original Brooks b73 leather saddle & rare vintage Lucas “King Of The Road” challis style brass bell!

There are many features that make this bike very unique and collectible, including the front mudflap, full chaincase, hand pump, supplemental battery unit, locking front fork (with orig key!), white hand grips and matching pedals.
Lots of money has been put into preserving and upgrading this bicycle, the parts alone are worth my asking price.


1958 Raleigh Superbe

For sale on Kijiji, Toronto, a 1958 Raleigh Superbe with an asking price of $350.00. I think that number is optimistic considering how much work would be needed to restore.

On the plus side, the paint looks quite good.

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1960 Superbe Update!

I decided not to paint this bike for the time being. I was anxious to get it back together and take advantage of the warm fall weather. Costs to date:
Bike purchase @ $50.00
New Tires @ $32.00
New Cables @ $18.00
New Brake Pads @ $6.00
Brake lever ferrule @ .40 cents (Outrageous!)
The chain ring crank needs to be straightened and I’ll repaint later.
Saddle is OK for now but will look for a vintage leather one.
I’ve also replaced both calipers with “newer” versions to do away with the proprietary earlier ones.
Took it for a shakedown ride today and have a few adjustments to make.



1961 Raleigh Superbe Update

Bike has already stripped down and some evidence as to it’s originality have been found.

Hub dates from July 1961. There’s a serial number on the BB.


Another on the top of the seat tube. The third digit would appear the represent 1961.

RC = Raleigh Canada Export

BB number still a mystery.


Original colour on the fork tube, a light aqua blue..


As well as a mounting lug for a full chain case and an oil port.


The chromed fork ends also leads me to believe that 1961 is correct.

I started to sand the frame and the old decal set was revealed, briefly.

Definetly a Superbe.


Hard to see but the Superbe logo is still there followed by 2 stars.


I also think the white painted head tube suggests a Canadian export model. There’a a faint Made in England decal where it should be as well.


1961 Raleigh Superbe

This one literally showed up in my backyard yesterday…

My neighbour, Dan had bought it last week, removed the dynohub and decided he didn’t want it. We agreed on a price, $50.00 and there you have it.


The Good.

1961 Raleigh Superbe

Tall frame

Fairly complete

Rims and hub are clean

Chromed fork ends

Locking fork (no key)

Shifter cable seems good




The Bad


Old style calipers that require the special Raleigh brake cable

Non period trigger

Chain wheel crank looks a little bent.

Missing Dynohub (I have a spare in the garage).



The Ugly

A poor repaint (not sure of original colour).




1974 Raleigh Superbe

A neighbour brought this bike over the other day for me to have a look at. She’d bought it on an impulse last year and now realizes that it’s too tall and heavy for her to ride and carry up to her apartment….

A responsible seller should have told her this.

Someone was interested in buying it and I just gave it a quick cleaning and topped up the oil/air etc.


An examination revealed it to be a 1974 Canadian built model and as far as I could tell was completely original with a few exceptions.


The coveted “R” nuts were there.


The Dynohub spun freely but did not seem to work.


The old style bell was very nice.

The bike had new tires and pads and rode very well.

There is a lesson here for people that want to buy a vintage bicycle. There’s a greater amount of owner responsibility in the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of these things than with some modern bikes.

It’s now somehow cool to ride one of these around but you need to be prepared to do your homework.


1978 Raleigh Superbe


Here’s another one recently listed on Kijiji Toronto.

A 23″ frame with an asking price of $280.00. This could be a Canadian built bike.



1971 Raleigh Superbe

Another Kijiji Toronto listing. This one appears to be very clean and complete.

Seller is asking $370.00 and he has the fork key.



1973 Raleigh Superbe

This one’s for sale on Kijiji Toronto @ $350.00 or best offer.

Very clean and original. This is one of the nicest I’ve seen.



Restored 1976 Superbe

DSCN0511.JPGDSCN0512.JPGDSCN0513.JPGReader, Steve, has sent me some photos of his latest project.

“This started out as a 1976 Raleigh Superbe that had been stored in the basement for  years by original owner. The Paint was excellent, tires rotted, rims rusted inside & pitted outside. Bought Sun rims & new tires but it  just kept going.”


The brakes have been upgraded as well. Dia Copmpe 812 Calipers.

 “Saw them had to have them , 80 mm reach they fit the rear of the wheel of the Superbe with 2mm to spare. The cables are Clarks SS cables with lined housing . The combination works really well with no effort.or binding. “


Below, Steve the owner .



Thank You!

To everyone that participated in this year’s show.

Photos to follow.

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Sad Superbe

This one’s been messed around with but could be brought back to original. The Dynohub and lights are all intact.



Yet Another Raleigh Superbe

This one is currently for sale in Parkdale, Toronto.

Here’s a link to the ad on Craig’s List

All in all a very nice bike with all the accessories.

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1979 Raleigh Superbe

This one, currently for sale on Kijji appears to be in very good original condition.

$T2eC16F,!ygE9s7HHgoQBRjR2Eh8I!~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!zQE9s3ssN68BRjR2MIEuQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqZHJFMFErK0i1pDBRjR2Tybyw~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!zUE9s38+Hk9BRjR8Eccr!~~48_20 $T2eC16h,!ygE9s7HLc,IBRjR33BV5g~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!)kE9s4Z-vU9BRjR2juk6Q~~48_20 $(KGrHqRHJEMFF)P67lwgBRjR2b4jKw~~48_20

1975 Raleigh Superbe

$T2eC16JHJG8E9nyfmI4BBR(2H9gl!!~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!yEE9s5jGJo)BR(2IP2llQ~~48_20 $T2eC16VHJHgE9n0yFi-!BR(2ImKydQ~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!)8E9s4l8!d(BR(2IuUgCg~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!)QE9s3HFiyMBR(2I4NfhQ~~48_20Currently offered for sale on Kijiji Toronto @ $360.00.

Yet Another 1973 Raleigh Superbe

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show This Weekend

Response to the show has been very positive, so we’re expecting a good turn out of bikes to show and for sale. Come on down!

12:00 noon – 6:00pm. Hope to see you there!

Yet Another 1972 Raleigh Superbe.

1972 must have been a good year for Raleigh in Canada as the ’72 model seems to be available in abundance lately. I picked this one up (from Kitchener) on Sunday as a Fathers’ Day gift for my Father-in-law.

The proper position for the shifter.

Nice paint and decals.

The Dynohub is intact and still works after 40 years!

And it even has the original Raleigh brand tires that need to be changed.

Brand New 1972 Raleigh Superbe

This Raleigh Superbe appears to have never been ridden and is in virtually brand new showroom floor condition. As such it’s a valuable restoration resource for the placement of decals and clips etc. Even the angle of the shifter seems factory set. It even comes with the original fork key. This bike would have retailed for approx. $104.00 in 1972, using the Bank of Canada’s Inflation Calculator, that works out to $550.00 to buy the same product today. The Superbe was always Raleigh’s top of the line model, and continues to hold it’s value.

1969 Raleigh Catalogue

The potential buyer wrote the prices out. $74.95 for the top of the line Superbe.That would come out to $467.29 today.

Raleigh Superbe

What appears to be a late 70’s Canadian made Raleigh Superbe with the correct Dyno Hub and lights.

Assorted Bicycles Around the City.

A somewhat rare Bridgestone bicycle.

A Raleigh built Eaton’s Glider.

A Raleigh built Eatons Road King.

Not Sure about this one….

Another Glider.

A somewhat bare Raleigh Superbe.

A Ladies’ 3 speed Raleigh Sports.

1972 Ladies’ Raleigh Superbe

Raleigh Catalogue