Vintage 3 Speed Bicycles


Roncesvalles Street Bikes

An English (Raleigh) built 3 Speed Supercycle.

An interesting CCM Elan. English built with an optional Dyno-Hub front wheel and lights. I’ve only seen the Dynohub on Raleigh Superbes before.

Comprehensive information on Dynohubs can be found here.

Another Raleigh built Supercycle, single speed.

Note the cotter-pinned cranks.

Sturmey Archer Heritage Website


Lots of information and posters etc can be found on the Sturmey Archer Heritage site.

Keeping Your Bikes Organized.

Vintage Supercycle

More Street Bikes

A mid 60’s Raleigh Superbe complete with the Dyno Hub front wheel generator.

A Supercycle 3 speed , probably early 70’s.

A Supercycle branded headlight and sparkle bar tape.

An Eatons Glider, 3 speed of course.

A Columbia coaster.

And a 1958 CCM 3 speed.

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

CCM Supercycle 1967

This $49.95 CCM Supercycle would cost $340.00 today using the Bank of Canada’s Inflation Calculator…..

The Current Fleet

From front to back, a 1957 Flying Pigeon with drum brakes, my everyday 1975 Raleigh Superbe,a 1967 AMF Hercules, the re-vamped 1967 CCM Galaxie and the mid 70’s CCM Supercycle Rat Bike.

The $30.00 Bicycle

This mid 70’s Supercycle by CCM was pulled from the trash recently and I decided to make it a little project. It appeared that the owner had started some repairs and then gave up i.e. new tires and brake pads.

The original Shimano “333” hub was discarded and replaced by a used Sturmey Archer back wheel and hub from Community Bicycle Network on Queen. Bike Pirates on Bloor provided the correct shifter and indicator chain. It’s not much to look at but a pleasant bike to ride and it’s been a good project to learn on. It will be going to good home come spring.

As it turns out this cast off Supercycle has turned into my main ride. It’s unassuming and very reliable for crossing the city.

Currently running a 1963 hub.

Total expenses to date:


Back wheel-$10.00

Shifter and new cable -$10.00

New brake cable-$5.00

New bell-$5.00

Here’s a ten speed version in the same colour.

Here’s another one for sale @ $140.00

A Japanese leather Speedic saddle.

And finally, here’s a 10 speed version spotted in Kensington.


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