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1967 Dunelt 3 Speed Path Racer

I bought this bike for $50.00 in Hamilton a while ago and have been trying to modify it. I still want to swap out the handlebars for something not as wide.

I’ve added a vintage Wrights composite saddle and a period pump (a gift from Len at Mr. Used in Hamilton).

The Dunelt slogan was “Ride Awheel on Sheffield Steel”.

P1090249 P1090252 P1090253 P1090254 P1090257 P1090256P1090271

After a day of riding I found the inverted bars too hard on the wrists and have swapped out the bars yet again.


The bike as originally purchased below.



2013 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

bike show 2013 final

Vintage Triumph Built in Germany

Another bike currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

$T2eC16J,!ykE9s7tw!7KBRcGOYbKVw~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!ygE9s7HJGCgBRcGOfNo)w~~48_20 $T2eC16FHJH8E9qSEUceZBRcGOnnmF!~~48_20 $T2eC16h,!y0E9s2S9K11BRcGO3hs+g~~48_20 $T2eC16JHJI!E9qSO8DowBRcGPDCK,!~~48_20 $T2eC16ZHJGsFFMlgNbf3BRcGPKn,Mw~~48_20

40,000 Hits/Raleigh Dawn Tourist

Thanks to everyone that’s been visiting the site.

Today’s post is a vintage Raleigh Dawn Tourist currently offered on Kijiji Toronto.

$T2eC16NHJGoFFvwqzwRPBRcFUr(0jg~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJF4FFkt8RW8JBRcFUyR2Cw~~48_20 $T2eC16ZHJIIE9qTYLSssBRcFVGr1J!~~48_20 $(KGrHqJHJ!wFBtPKo8MkBRcFVOIjwQ~~48_20A late 60’s model with some very nice period accessories.

$T2eC16N,!ysE9sy0hYpWBRcFVZNLow~~48_20 $T2eC16d,!)kE9s4,BL5tBRcFVfwLSw~~48_20Brooks saddle and tool bag, rear wheel Dynohub as well as  Sturmey Archer battery pack.

Vintage Dunelts x 2

dunelt dunelt_crank dunelt_brooks IMG_7211 IMG_7182 IMG_7203 IMG_7197 IMG_7184 IMG_7196 IMG_7178 IMG_7210o586-480x640

Hercules 3 Speed Shifter

IMG_2272 IMG_2273 IMG_2279

Vintage Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Shifters

$(KGrHqRHJFMFCg668hfqBQylS0EVK!~~60_57 IMG_2227 IMG_2230 $(KGrHqZ,!hIE8jp(LCbyBPQUlck2zg~~60_57$(KGrHqZHJC4FC2vIR8qJBQwlWq(Ksg~~60_57 $(KGrHqFHJEwFClg36mmTBQwlWpLLgw~~60_57$T2eC16FHJGYE9nooiJTQBQwlWiN,hg~~60_57$T2eC16h,!)0E9s37IeSMBQ0b7KCvW!~~60_12

Sturmey Archer Hub Posters



Vintage Sturmey Archer Oil Cans


NOS Sturmey Archer Twin Shift 5

$(KGrHqR,!h4E8J8)QdQFBPVVpBm6L!~~60_57 $T2eC16J,!zQE9s3sq+8nBQkYBBsdeQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqJ,!k4F!8p3GYihBQkYBIP-8w~~60_57 $T2eC16F,!zQE9s3sqI+MBQkYBO86FQ~~60_57 $(KGrHqV,!oUFB0WPFMu5BQkYBU1YYw~~60_57 $T2eC16V,!zoE9s5ne+qpBQkYBd5Pl!~~60_57 $(KGrHqF,!ksE8Or0d-jFBPVVpUShCw~~60_57 $(KGrHqZ,!o!E8VjvRVdbBPVVp,3mlg~~60_57 $(KGrHqV,!pEFB)igwR4)BQtRqvgD4!~~60_57 $T2eC16N,!w0E9szN(muuBQtRr(Hlfg~~60_57 $(KGrHqF,!hsFCv6iDKSbBQtRr8GeLw~~60_57 $(KGrHqZ,!qwFCS4TIRoZBQtRskd5qg~~60_57 $(KGrHqF,!okFCfH0YIJ8BQtRtNilSg~~60_57

1969 Raleigh 5 Speed Sprite

$T2eC16RHJHgE9n0yFlqnBQ,MtDP3bw~~60_57 $(KGrHqNHJEIFBoSs1KIEBQ,MtZ51Y!~~60_57 $(KGrHqJHJEUFBf,U,vuGBQ,MuGl27!~~60_57 $T2eC16JHJFoE9nh6m-ypBQ,Mubj(Cw~~60_57 $T2eC16JHJHoE9n3Kd6FdBQ,Muz3QIw~~60_57 $T2eC16NHJHgE9n0yEjMRBQ,MvF3)-w~~60_57

Sturmey Archer 5 Speed Shifters

$T2eC16R,!)UE9s3wCMz2BQtj6JHV7g~~60_3 $(KGrHqZ,!k4FB0(90bV4BQtj6I2fOg~~60_3 $(KGrHqR,!pgFCqKNS!MGBQtj6IkRVw~~60_3 $T2eC16Z,!yME9s5qHstYBQtj6JpiMw~~60_3 $(KGrHqJ,!oIFCpUG0eeyBQtkFD3HV!~~60_57 $T2eC16d,!y8E9s2fk3o0BQtkFLe2y!~~60_57$(KGrHqJ,!ooFBsb45j+SBQegDHzS4!~~60_57 $(KGrHqR,!jYF!6LF7,vFBQegC0JDUg~~60_57

Eatons Catalogue 1975

A selection of Eatons’ Road King bicycles from 1975.

Using the inflation calculator, the bike for $94.99 works out to $385.00 to buy today.

These appear to be Japanese built bikes.

eatons 1975

1938 CCM Flyte

a 1938 CCM Flyte Currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

Raleigh Sprite 5 Speed

Raleigh Fireball 5 Speeds

Two Raleigh Fireballs featuring the short lived 5 speed internal hub and the Twin Shift 5 stick shift.

When we were kids these shifters were known as “Nut Busters”.

Both bikes are currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

Yet Another 1973 Raleigh Superbe

A Successful Bike Show

Thank you to everyone that participated and attended. It was a terrific day and considering that this was our first show, very well attended.

The fleet was assembled that morning for final preparations.

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show This Weekend

Response to the show has been very positive, so we’re expecting a good turn out of bikes to show and for sale. Come on down!

12:00 noon – 6:00pm. Hope to see you there!

CCM Continental GT

An early 1960’s CCM Continental GT. The top of the line model with the rare rear Dynohub option.

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

It’s full steam ahead. The first annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show will be held on Sunday July 29th in Trinity Bellwoods Park at the Strachan entrance. Everyone is encouraged to come out and show their bikes. There will be vintage bicycles and parts for sale as well. Vendor rates are $25.00 for individuals and $50.00 for a business payable in advance to the Community Bicycle Network on Queen or on the day.

Vendors are required to provide their own tables/booths.

Lucas Cyclometer

A vintage accessory that attaches to the front fork and registers mileage.

Yet Another 1972 Raleigh Superbe.

1972 must have been a good year for Raleigh in Canada as the ’72 model seems to be available in abundance lately. I picked this one up (from Kitchener) on Sunday as a Fathers’ Day gift for my Father-in-law.

The proper position for the shifter.

Nice paint and decals.

The Dynohub is intact and still works after 40 years!

And it even has the original Raleigh brand tires that need to be changed.

Brand New 1972 Raleigh Superbe

This Raleigh Superbe appears to have never been ridden and is in virtually brand new showroom floor condition. As such it’s a valuable restoration resource for the placement of decals and clips etc. Even the angle of the shifter seems factory set. It even comes with the original fork key. This bike would have retailed for approx. $104.00 in 1972, using the Bank of Canada’s Inflation Calculator, that works out to $550.00 to buy the same product today. The Superbe was always Raleigh’s top of the line model, and continues to hold it’s value.

Toronto Vintage Bike Show Update

We finally have a date for the Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show.

Vendors tables will be available @ $25.00/Individual


Contact Community Bicycle Network to arrange payment

761 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M6J 1G1

416 504 2918


Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Canadian Made Sunshine Bicycle

Built in Waterloo Ontario, this one is for sale on Queen Street near Bathurst for $125.00.

A little history from the web:

“Incorporated in 1929 by H.V. McKay of Sunshine Harvester Works(Australia) and Massey-Harris(Canada). Sunshine-Waterloo Company Ltd. was formed. They built a 285,000 square foot plant in Waterloo, Ontario in 1930. The company was involved in manufacturing mainly farm equipment before the war. The company diversified during the 1930s adding the production of baby carriages, bicycles, tricycles and roller skates. In 1939 the manufacturing converted to war-related production army trucks, smoke bombs, shells, mines, grenades and gun mounts. Following the war, market changes led to the company adding office products, stoves, shelving and lockers. Massey-Ferguson Industries Limited(formed in 1953 from Massey-Harris-Ferguson) purchased H.V.MacKay’s share in 1955, acquiring the Sunshine-Waterloo Company in the process.

This association allowed the company to expand in the office equipment market leading to a switch in focus in 1956 almost entirely to the manufacture of steel office furniture. The name was changed to Sunshine Office Equipment Limited in 1961”

A nice Sunshine/Whizzer conversion.

More on the bike. here.

Hero Cycle

An Indian made bicycle.

CCM Galaxie

CCM Galaxie in original condition for sale on Kijiji Belleville.

1967 CCM Imperial Mark II

Currently offered for sale on Kijiji Belleville.