Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles



1963 Western Tire 3 Speed

Listed as a CCM built bike, the crank and chrome fender cap look English to me.

The chain guard appears to be Canadian.

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1972 Raleigh Built Glider 3 Speed

Another Kijiji Toronto listing.

A 1972 Eaton’s Glider. This one appears to be quite original and clean with an asking price of $200.00.

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View the listing here.


Flying Pigeon Flies Again

Regular reader and contributor, Diarmuind writes:
I’ve a few picture here that might be of interest to your readers. My Flying Pigeon that I brought in from Spain for  300 euro a year ago.
I bought this because of its rarity in Ireland and its unusual double crossbar. All it lacks is history.
I’ve a lot of spare parts that I’ve collected over the years, like the rear Sturmey Archer coaster brake, cable and 1976 SA 3 speed trigger.So I decided to up grade it from single to 3 speed.
They’re not as pleasant to ride,  but it’s a cheap way to convert to 3 speed if you have the parts laying around. There is a good bit of work to do this align the chain wheel with the rear sprocket takes time to figure out how much of a spacer is needed on the left hand side of the bike.So the the chain moves freely in the chain case without rubbing.
Flying pigeons will be valued one day.
Certainly an interesting project. The Flying Pigeon was based on the Raleigh DL-1 and despite being a very attractive bike is not that practical due to excessive weight. They’re fine on a level path but hills are a problem. Adding a Sturmey Archer hub would be a definite improvement.
They’re difficult to date as the older ones don’t have serial numbers.
Please keep Three Speed Mania posted with your progress.
Thanks for the contribution and remember that Three Speed Mania welcomes contributions from readers.
They keep the site current and interesting.

Swiss 3 Speeds from Italy

Bruno, from Italy, has sent some photos of his various projects. Although they’re not English (my preference) they are Sturmey Archer equipped 3 speeds.

He writes:

Hello again Greg,

It’s Sunday … I attach here a few pictures of some bicycles that I recently bought on line and restored, all Swiss, same bike even though the factory logos are different, wheels 28, same women’s frame, many aluminum parts (brake levers, chain guard, rear rack), all with the sensational “Sturmey Archer” three-speed transmission; I did a soft restoration (total cleaning, vintage new saddles, grips, complete wiring, tail lights);

CH (Heidi) [B].jpgCH (Helmut Berger) [B].jpgCH (Tebag) [1].jpgCH (Heidi) [1].jpgCH (Helmut Berger) [1].jpgCH (Tebag) [A].jpgCH (Heidi) [A].jpgCH (Helmut Berger) [A].jpgCH (Tebag) [B].jpg

I still miss and am looking for some more aluminium chain guards (pictures attached), if you have any info about them please, let me know.

Carter Alluminio (1).jpgCarter (Tebag) [1].jpg


(+39) 368 3438010



Early 60’s Raleigh Superbe

An early 60’s Superbe for sale in the Ottawa region. Another nice bike with some period features and a good deal at $95.00.

it has an extended stem and the pump is attached.


Here’s the link.


NOS British Rear Reflectors

Another Kijiji ad, this one from Guelph, Ontario.

NOS reflectors @ $12.00 each or $9.00 each if you order 3.


Here’s the link.


Good Deal on a Raleigh 3 Speed Sports

Located on Goderich, Ontario and listed at $50.00. An early 70’s Raleigh Sports with a 23″ frame. Seller says the hub doesn’t shift but I think that would be an easy fix.

It has the self adjusting brakes, so I would say it was a 1973 model.

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Another Raleigh Superbe

Listed at $200.00 on Kijiji Hamilton.



Super Cycle 3 Speed in Italy

Bruno, from Italy has spotted this bike on Ebay and requests some info.

UK (1).jpgUK (2).jpg

Bruno writes:

“Hello Greg, very kind, here it is, I have lost it for just a few moments on ebay, cost only € 70, if I could have restored it(saddle, pedals, cables, lights, etc.) would have become beautiful

I wait to know anything you discover

ciao and warm regards from Italy.”

“I have a couple of pictures of an English three speed “Super Cycle” bike, I would love to know more about it (name, model etc.), I need a place where to post them.’

It’s hard to see any detail in these photos but, The Super Cycle brand was used by Canadian Tire stores here in Canada. Bicycles were purchased form various suppliers over  the years.

These included CCM, Raleigh, Bridgestone and others.

Input is welcome.


Not a 3 Speed, But….

Not a 3 speed but an interesting bike all the same. A current Kijiji listing out of Montreal is this 1938 CCM Flyte. Listed at $1700.00 it’s a very collectable Canadian bicycle.$_2cg7.JPG$xccbfb_27.JPG

Although it sounds like a lot of money, $1700.00 is not an unreasonable amount.

For more detailed information, click here.

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Raleigh Superbe

This one is reasonably priced at $150.00 on Kijiji Toronto. It appears complete and in good condition and a large frame. It has the self adjusting brakes which would make it a 1973-1974 model.



Winter Vintage Bicycle Show!


Sunday Feb. 19th.

It’s worth the drive to Brantford!


Clean Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Another Kijiji listing from last week. Not sure of the year or price but I recall that it was quite reasonable.



Brooks Professional Saddle


I picked up a slightly used Brooks Professional saddle yesterday from my friend George at Parkdale Bicycles.P1180983.JPG

Not sure where it will find a home but I’ve got a bike in mind.


Overpriced BSA 3 Speed

A recent Kijiji posting for a vintage BSA 3 speed.

I’m always on the look out for a nice BSA but this one’s priced at $1500.00!

The price and the after market non period parts makes this one a pass for me.

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Another Reader’s Submission


Diarmuid C. writes:

“I thought you might like to see my late 70s /early 80s Belfo by Motobecane 3 speed that I’ve just restored.
It’s probably one of the last made in Pantin France as it’s head badge shows.
moto2.jpgbefore reto spec.jpg
I bought it a few years ago for 100 euros .I normally have no interest in anything without rod brakes but this bike with 3 speed coaster and drum brakes appealed to me .
After dismantling,
I sanded and painted it Royal blue. I removed all the cable guides,shortend the cable sleeve and fitted a cable pulley wheel just like a Sturmey Archer 3 speed.

It was originally French racing blue but I had the royal so decided to use this as my budget  for this bike was low.

The front brakes are Maillard /Sram drum and the rear are Scam/Sachs coaster .

When I bought the bike it had non standard 50T modern Shimano (square bottom bracket).which, being aluminium wore out along with the chain which was never compatible with the the Sram rear cog.

I removed this chainwheel and replaced it with a steel 44T and re-greased  the bottom bracket bearings and head bearings .
I was pleased the bottom bracket wasn’t sealed as it was my intention to make it look older.

moto- 1.jpg
I think re-routing the cables gives it a cleaner look and makes the bike look a little older .
I’ve included before and after pictures

Sturmey Archer Price List 1954


As best as I can figure, 40 Shillings and 9 Pence for the AW hub works out to about $63.00 (US) in today’s money or $85.00 Canadian.

I was able to pick up 3 NOS hub kits a while back for a good price.



Oddball Tandem 3 Speed Update

A reader sent this one in. Anyone have an idea what it is?


Diarmuid  from Limerick, Ireland writes:

I’ve researched  The tandem and is more than likely a Claude Butler manufactured in London or Notthingham England.

The current owner  Patrick  from Mayo Ireland who I recently sold it to has in my opinion done a superb restoration .

Not knowing what it was before restoration he chose the current decal shown in the pictures supplied.

claud butler.jpgtandem2.jpgtandem3.jpg


1968 Robin Hood 3 Speed

Reader Samuel S. has sent some photos of his Robin Hood restoration in progress.

 It is a work in progress, I just ordered some parts from Harris Cyclery, and have been polishing up the chrome while I’m waiting. So far its cleaning up nice, I will get some pics together once the parts come in. Your site is great thanks!

20161109_205939 20161109_202226 20161109_202229 20161109_202634

 Here are some photos of the 1968 Robin Hood, It was a gift from Shawn Granton, the founder of the Society of Three Speeds here in Portland OR. He is a gentleman and a scholar! I have started cleaning some of the rust off the chrome with water and tin foil, seems to work like magic. I took the old break pads off and have some Kool Stop Continentals to put on. So far I ordered, a Sturmey Archer Trigger, a S.A. 3 Speed shift cable, cork grips, and Kenda Black wall tires, some tubes, and a new 1/8″ chain. I plan on looking for some “rat trap” style peddles at the local bike co-op. I want to install new break cables as well. I have no experience working on three speeds and limited experience with bike mechanics in general, so this will be a good/ fun learning experience. I have really enjoyed exploring your website. I will send more pictures as this project progresses.

20161109_202246 20161106_194138 20161109_202207


Another Raleigh Sports



BSA 4 Speed

Reader Diarmuid C. writes:

“I thought be interested in seeing some more of my Bicycles. I’d love a mention on your site, I’m from Limerick Ireland .The bicycle here is a 4 speed BSA I bought at Charleville (Ireland) vintage show for 120 euros .it has unusual front rod brakes. I’ve cleaned all the dirt and grime and plan to leave it distressed.”



Royal Enfield

Another submission from Diarmuid C.

“This is the Royal Enfield I restored myself.It was used as a film prop in the Irish Film drama “Rebellion “just before I bought the bike, it was at one stage a 3 speed before it was converted to to single.I decided to make it 3 speed again with a Dyno hub.I Had a lot of trouble fitting the carrier because the rear axle isn’t Long enough to accommodate the mudguard brackets and the carrier.So I mounted the mudguard brackets on a separate bolt behind the axle.  I’ve included before and after pictures”



Rare Rudge

Currently offered on Toronto Kijiji @ $500.00 OBO.

A 1952 Rudge 3 speed. “Britain’s Best Bicycle”.


1958 Robin Hood 3 Speed

This one’s still for sale on Kijiji, Toronto. A rare bike, the current owner has spent quite a bit of time cleaning it up and re-packing bearings etc. Comes with a working Dynohub and a nice period frame pump.He’s asking $270.00.

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Triumph 3 Speed

Another current Toronto, Kijiji listing. A vintage Triumph 3 speed listed at $100.00.



Raleigh Laurentian 3 Speed

A recent Kijiji listing for an early 60’s Raleigh Laurentian. These were specific models made for the Canadian market. A good looking bike at a reasonable $135.00 asking price.



1960 Superbe Update!

I decided not to paint this bike for the time being. I was anxious to get it back together and take advantage of the warm fall weather. Costs to date:
Bike purchase @ $50.00
New Tires @ $32.00
New Cables @ $18.00
New Brake Pads @ $6.00
Brake lever ferrule @ .40 cents (Outrageous!)
The chain ring crank needs to be straightened and I’ll repaint later.
Saddle is OK for now but will look for a vintage leather one.
I’ve also replaced both calipers with “newer” versions to do away with the proprietary earlier ones.
Took it for a shakedown ride today and have a few adjustments to make.



Vintage Robin Hood 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji posting. A vintage Robin Hood 3 speed, year unknown but I suspect early 1960’s. This one’s located at College and Bathurst and reasonably priced at $139.00.


Looking again, it looks like the front fork might be bent.


Nice CCM 3 Speed

Just listed on Kijiji Toronto, this CCM Galaxie 3 speed appears very clean and original. Reasonably priced at $100.00.


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