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1964 Glider Update

Last Sunday’s shakedown ride proved to be a bit of a disaster.

I had to stop en route to buy some wrenches to tighten various bolts (I needed a new set anyway and they were on sale).

Then the NOS brake cables I’d put on started to bind really badly. I think the ferrules were too small and were getting twisted in their housing.

Finally I locked the bike up outside the El Mocambo to see some (work related) wrestling and when I came out some Jackass had locked his bike to mine!!!

I killed some time in Kensington but when I returned it was still locked so I removed the Brooks saddle and the hand pump and took the streetcar home.

In any case, I got the bike back the next day and replaced the brake cables with some refurbished Sturmey Archer originals I had in the garage.

I’m still on the lookout for a mini fender (or fenderette) for the front wheel.

Today’s ride was a success and it’s one of the cleanest shifting hubs I’ve had.

P1140007 P1140008Even though I like the look of the inverted handle bars, I find them uncomfortable.

I’ll probably flip them back to their normal position.


1964 Glider Update.

Here are some before photos of the bike that was purchased in Dundas Ontario last week.

I had a very productive day gathering supplies and parts for this current project.

P1130758 P1130761After a thorough cleaning I started to re assemble.

A few new spokes on the back wheel, the bottom bracket got new bearings and was repacked as well as the stem bearings.

I re-used the original tubes but already had some new tires in the shed.

I find that old inner tubes hold the pressure better than modern ones.

P1130764 P1130763 P1130766Mini fender supplied by George (the bike shop at the foot of Fraser).

Also had an old style thumb shifter in the garage.

P1130771 P1130769I also installed a bigger cog on the rear wheel. I’ll try it out and see…

New vintage style pedals from Martin at Hoop Driver Bicycles on College.

P1130768More updates to follow.

P1130772 P1130774All new cables and a new chain.

P1130776 P1130782 P1130780I like the old style 3 speed cable system with the carrier wheel at the back. I’m just missing the little hard plastic “stop” that holds the cable housing. I’ve made a temporary one out of a rubber grommet and a brake ferrule but will look for the proper piece today.

Total cost of this project to date:

Bicycle and vintage pump $100

New chain $14.00

New pedals $20.00

Assorted used parts $20.00

Cables/tires/pads and saddle I already had on hand.

Time to put together: Priceless!