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1967 Dunelt Update

I’ve pretty much finished the work on this bike and have been riding it quite regularly.

P1090355I’ve shortened the handle bars by about 1″ on either end and swapped out the brake levers.

Along with the bars I, added a new (used ) stem. Both items from the Community Bicycle Network on Queen.

P1090347 P1090352

P1090366I had some NOS cables in the garage and replaced all of the old ones including the old style shifter cable with a NOS pulley on the seat post.

P1090349 P1090350All that’s left to do is to true the wheels and, if I can find them, add some little mini chrome fenders.

P1090358    The name Dunelt is a combination of the names of two founders, Dunford and Elliot. Originally steel makers in Sheffield, started making motorcycles in Birmingham in 1919, many having Sturmey Archer engines and gearboxes.