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Bridgestone Youngway

It turns out that this bike is indeed a Bridgestone Youngway.

The store that I bought it from decided to remove all of the lights and horns etc and threw them in the garbage!

Although I quite liked this bicycle It was too small for me so I gave it to a young woman I work with who will get more use out of it.

p1090101 3306047312_8d09bb1287_bIt originally would have looked something like this.

ae8d2db1e433feb11d513193475581f9df774b04The used bike shop that I bought it from decided that all of the lights and racks etc. were not an incentive so stripped the bike and threw it all in the garbage…..

The bike below just showed up on Kijiji Toronto.

The same bike re-branded as a Supercycle for Canadian Tire.

$T2eC16JHJHkFFl8oIWy0BRhTW,k!Ow~~48_20 $(KGrHqZHJEEFE3rBbYLDBRhTWkcv-Q~~48_20 $T2eC16JHJIIE9qTYI65WBRhTYEfu(!~~48_20 $T2eC16F,!)0E9s37FbL2BRhTYOI7Tg~~48_203306039006_74e60baa71_zAnother Supercycle branded Bridgestone seen on the street yesterday.

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Bridgestone Mystery Bike

I’m not sure how old this bike is or what model it is.

It looks like a Bridgestone XO-2 with the famous moustache handlebars but other details lead me to believe it’s an older model.

P1090101 P1090102 P1090103 P1090105 P1090107 P1090108 xo2It could be a mid 70’s Bridgestone Shine Star.

6280190102_1ae747ef47_b 6280191034_5c68c599e5_bIt also has a mid 70’s Shimano Skylark rear derailler.

IMGP5806 (1)-filtered

A bit more research suggests it’s a Bridgestone Youngway from the early 1970’s.

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3009_pop_up914_1This one also has the chrome cross bar.

It would appear that the bike is an early 1970’s Bridgestone Sprinter. Most seem to be 5 speeds while the one at the top of the post (mine) is a 10 speed.

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