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1953 CCM 3 Speed

This bike is fore sale in Alberta at $500.00. It would appear to be a top of the line model with the front Dyno Hub.

$(KGrHqYOKp0FIpQ,5db)BSMJoFPtmg~~48_20 $(KGrHqRHJDoFIpwEbVObBSMJoGSwW!~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJIIFHJoZFZ9jBSMJoHI+C!~~48_20 $T2eC16V,!w8FIcmILK15BSMJoIiSUQ~~48_20 $T2eC16RHJGUFFhzgKlJeBSMJoJW,HQ~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJHYFFkZRJYVUBSMJoKI+7w~~48_20 $(KGrHqR,!lgFIgTdNw84BSMJoLzhyw~~48_20



CCM Imperial Mark IV 3 Speed

This one’s for sale on Kijiji Vancouver.

$_20-1 $_20 $_20-2 $_20-3 $_20-4 $_20-5 $_20-6


CCM Grand Touring 3 Speed

33619547_934 33619555_934 33619565_934 33619578_934 33619590_934


Two CCM Imperial Mark IV’s


$_20-4 $_20-6 $_20-7 $_20-8 $_20 $_20-4 $_20-5 Both of these bikes are currently for sale on Kijiji Vancouver.


1969 CCM Imperial 700/ 3 Speed

For sale on Kjiji Guelph.

$(KGrHqJ,!qYFJStl!MvRBS(9mmMpTQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqFHJBcFBTcf+!YIBS(9m0o5+w~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!)YFIccvWYqwBS(9nCgRHw~~48_20 $T2eC16RHJHUFFiZ3FB+IBS(9nQ4g7g~~48_20 $T2eC16RHJHUFFiZ3FB+IBS(9nfC7vQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqEOKpQE7I)Sq07BBS(9n93qJ!~~48_20


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show Photos

p1100285More photos of the 2013 show can be found at Vintage CCM.


Vintage CCM

Not a three speed but still a nice bike.

$(KGrHqNHJEQFJG!3nMyWBSS1L6!jog~~48_20 $T2eC16ZHJG8FGsiDMMM4BSS1N!j-z!~~48_20 $T2eC16hHJIkFHRyW5wIqBSS1MfJU!w~~48_20 $T2eC16F,!yMFIcDRQc)4BSS1N4b49g~~48_20


1965 CCM Continental w/Rear Dynohub

This popped up on Kijiji Toronto today.

$(KGrHqV,!mEFIrDyzTDKBSONLN!p1!~~48_20 $T2eC16F,!y0FI,gjes+pBSONLQQ1qg~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJG!FFmhSkmcPBSONLUDs1g~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!)gFIg-1dCv)BSONLYIv,Q~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJHwFG1RPGY1LBSONL,25lg~~48_20


CCM Continental 3 Speed

$T2eC16dHJIQFHHEZdSqoBSJetWhDG!~~48_20 $T2eC16R,!zYFIccfePtyBSJetpidmg~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!)0FIZPRcSs8BSJety1ik!~~48_20 $T2eC16h,!)4FI,D!1,9rBSJet9BpGw~~48_20 $(KGrHqNHJCEFIMsq!ZlIBSJeuQevVQ~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJIIFHJ(rBjHEBSJeuZZCug~~48_20$(KGrHqZHJCoFIVWcuS2SBSJetgOhuw~~48_20


Old Bicycle Shop in Weston

578962_457751757630287_1409245384_n Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 9.26.35 AMMt. Dennis Cycling and Sporting Goods on Weston Road.


2013 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

A special thank you to everyone that participated and attended. This year’s show was bigger and better.


Our banner blew down early and was quickly re-located on a couple of folding tables.P1100284

Brian from Peterborough arrived early with a good selection of 60’s and 70’s Raleighs and CCM’s, they didn’t last long…P1100285

The 1963 CCM Imperial Mark III in the foreground soon found a good home.P1100287

A couple of souped up CCM Flytes.


A trio of vintage Raleighs. A 1967 5 speed Sprite (quite rare), a 1973 Superbe and a 1976 Tourist.P1100292Roger T. brought his 1885 Penny Farthing and invited the brave to climb aboard.P1100293 P1100295 P1100297

A crazy hump back Schwinn.P1100298

CCM Path Racer.P1100300

Not too sure…P1100311

A trio of Superbes arrived.P1100312

Another satisfied Customer.P1100314 Jet Fuel arrived with a good selection of vintage CCM’s.P1100317A nice ladies’ Tourist on displayP1100325Andrew’s CCM Flyte.P1100327

Martin from Hoop Driver Cycle did a brisk business.P1100328 P1100331Another CCM Imperial Mark III in very good condition.P1100334

Dan’s Western Flyer got a lot of attention.P1100338 P1100340

Another Superbe for sale.P1100342

As well as a N.O.S Raleigh Tourist.P1100349

These 2 bikes both found a new home.P1100350


Rare Gold CCM Galaxie

$T2eC16VHJGIFFozITkuQBR6Yi(dUrg~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJHIFFhj!1jKCBR6YhyYi7g~~48_20


Time is Running Out!

If you’re planning to attend this year’s Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show there’s only one week left to get your bikes spiffed up for display!

We had a terrific turn out last year and will see even more rare and stylish rides this year.

Here’s a couple of links to photos from last year.

378203_423299231039039_1620829362_nCBN’s Facebook page.

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.31.06 AMEdward in Toronto took some great photos as well.

Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 8.17.16 AMThere will be lots of vintage bikes for sale as well as parts and accessories.

Come on down!!


1967 CCM Sabre

This very complete bike popped up on Kijiji Toronto today for $155.00.

$(KGrHqRHJB!FHTIi4rTVBR4FrvBMgQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqN,!qMFHTN)y-R3BR4Fr)2hEQ~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJIgFHRF47(prBR4Fr0jWWw~~48_20 $(KGrHqF,!lcFHCEtM9NFBR4Fr3Wt5!~~48_20 $(KGrHqF,!rMFHRbeiw7oBR4Fr6g,Kg~~48_20


Just a Reminder

bike show 2013 final


Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show

Adrian and Thomas from Community Bicycle Network and myself paid a visit to Jamie McGregor’s 12 Annual Canadian Vintage bicycle Show this past weekend in Brantford.

We saw some great bikes and did a little promotion for our show coming up at the end of July.

P1090583 P1090584 P1090585 P1090587 P1090589 P1090591 P1090601 P1090593 P1090594 P1090596 P1090598 P1090599


Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show

This Sunday!


CCM Imperial Tandem

There’s a guy who regularly has a couple of bikes for sale at the top of Sorauren Park. This is his latest offering. A mid 60’s CCM Imperial Tandem.

I don’t really see the point of these things but I suppose some find them charming…

P1090389 P1090393 P1090392I bought my first vintage 3 speed from him a few years a go. A Canadian built 1977 Raleigh Superbe which has proved to be a very reliable everyday bike.

p1060137The saddle bags have since been transferred to another Superbe.

CCM Galaxie 3 Speed


$T2eC16d,!)0E9s37HlEpBRpQd2!Ow!~~48_20 $(KGrHqNHJE!FGNWPL!p5BRpQd6N,!w~~48_20This one’s just come up on Kijiji Toronto @ $150.00. It appears to be original and in nice condition.

Rat Bike Trio

Despite the fact that I have several very nice English 3 speeds I tend to ride these 3 Rat Bikes more often. They were all virtually free.

The 67 Dunelt @ $40.00, The green CCM/Supercycle (free from the trash) and the 69 CCM Galaxie ($39.00 in trade).

It’s probably because I’ve invested more of my time into these and I’m not too concerned with their appearance.

P1090272 P1090275 P1090278


2013 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

bike show 2013 final


Vintage CCM Ad


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 2.18.55 PMWe have a firm date for this year’s show.  Sunday, July 28th at Trinity Bellwoods Park here in Toronto. for more information contact the Community Bicycle Network.

1967 CCM Centennial Duomatic

010.JPG src= 009.JPG src= 007.JPG src= 006.JPG src= 4707258060_cbc4ce50ef_z duomatic-after-strip3911617629_a404f373fe_z torpedo-duomatic-old-exploded

Vintage CCM Hub Shiners

$T2eC16FHJHoE9n3Kd3VrBRZH4+QT)!~~48_20Keep your hubs shiny!

Vintage CCM

Not really in my area of interest, but still a collectable vintage bicycle.

P1090114 P1090115 P1090117 P1090118 P1090121

CCM Galaxie

$(KGrHqJHJEcFEKz,zr-+BRCz15zEng~~48_20Currently offered for sale @ $250 on Kijiji Toronto.


Canadian Tire Catalogue 1973


Canadian Tire Catalogue 1972

ct 72 ct 2 72

CCM Imperial Mark IV Tandem

P1090019 P1090021 P1090020This one’s seen better days and has probably been abandoned from the look of it.