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1958 Robin Hood 3 Speed

This one’s still for sale on Kijiji, Toronto. A rare bike, the current owner has spent quite a bit of time cleaning it up and re-packing bearings etc. Comes with a working Dynohub and a nice period frame pump.He’s asking $270.00.

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1961 Raleigh Superbe Update

Bike has already stripped down and some evidence as to it’s originality have been found.

Hub dates from July 1961. There’s a serial number on the BB.


Another on the top of the seat tube. The third digit would appear the represent 1961.

RC = Raleigh Canada Export

BB number still a mystery.


Original colour on the fork tube, a light aqua blue..


As well as a mounting lug for a full chain case and an oil port.


The chromed fork ends also leads me to believe that 1961 is correct.

I started to sand the frame and the old decal set was revealed, briefly.

Definetly a Superbe.


Hard to see but the Superbe logo is still there followed by 2 stars.


I also think the white painted head tube suggests a Canadian export model. There’a a faint Made in England decal where it should be as well.


1961 Raleigh Superbe

This one literally showed up in my backyard yesterday…

My neighbour, Dan had bought it last week, removed the dynohub and decided he didn’t want it. We agreed on a price, $50.00 and there you have it.


The Good.

1961 Raleigh Superbe

Tall frame

Fairly complete

Rims and hub are clean

Chromed fork ends

Locking fork (no key)

Shifter cable seems good




The Bad


Old style calipers that require the special Raleigh brake cable

Non period trigger

Chain wheel crank looks a little bent.

Missing Dynohub (I have a spare in the garage).



The Ugly

A poor repaint (not sure of original colour).




Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Here’s a nice coffee/bronze coloured Sports with a Dynohub listed on Kijiji, Toronto @ $175.00.



Raleigh Shopper 3 Speed

Another Kijiji posting here in Toronto. An early 70’s non folding Raleigh RSW. Located in Parkdale, seller is looking for a reasonable offer.



Super Superbe

A tidy and complete example currently listed on Kijiji, Toronto @ $260.00



1974 Raleigh Superbe

A neighbour brought this bike over the other day for me to have a look at. She’d bought it on an impulse last year and now realizes that it’s too tall and heavy for her to ride and carry up to her apartment….

A responsible seller should have told her this.

Someone was interested in buying it and I just gave it a quick cleaning and topped up the oil/air etc.


An examination revealed it to be a 1974 Canadian built model and as far as I could tell was completely original with a few exceptions.


The coveted “R” nuts were there.


The Dynohub spun freely but did not seem to work.


The old style bell was very nice.

The bike had new tires and pads and rode very well.

There is a lesson here for people that want to buy a vintage bicycle. There’s a greater amount of owner responsibility in the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of these things than with some modern bikes.

It’s now somehow cool to ride one of these around but you need to be prepared to do your homework.


1978 Raleigh Superbe


Here’s another one recently listed on Kijiji Toronto.

A 23″ frame with an asking price of $280.00. This could be a Canadian built bike.



1971 Raleigh Superbe

Another Kijiji Toronto listing. This one appears to be very clean and complete.

Seller is asking $370.00 and he has the fork key.



1960 Norman 3 Speed with Dynohub

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Yet another bicycle purchase. A 1960 Norman 3 Speed with a AG Dynohub. Rough but workable. I didn’t pay much for it ($75.00 CDN), so I don’t mind spending a bit to get it back on the road. I spotted this one in the spring at a used clothing/stuff store. The original asking price was a whopping $350.00 but obviously, there were no takers. I offered $60.00 and we settled on $75.00.

P1170909 P1170913 P1170911 P1170914 P1170917

I stripped the bike and repacked all the bearings. I gave the frame and forks a quick cleaning and sanding and spray painted mat black. Other than 55 years worth of dirt and grime it was in good shape.




I recently read that you can clean chrome with tin foil and water…. I can tell you that it really works!

P1170931 P1170932

These brake calipers came out looking almost brand new.


I was pleased to discover that the Dynohub still works!


George from Parts Unknown was able to supply some parts including this Hercules chainring and chainguard from an old Eatons Glider. He also let me use his cotter pin press. These cotters were the toughest ones I’ve ever encountered.

Pedals are MKS 3000 from West Side Cycle on Roncesvalles.

George at Parkdale Bicycle on Macdonell supplied a new chain and cotter pins.

P1170940 P1170947

So the work is mostly done for now. There’s still some fine tuning and adjustments to be done.

The bike has a 23″ frame, but due to the loose geometry, the stand over height is an inch lower that my newer (1973) Raleigh Superbe.

Total cost to date:

Bike purchase $75.00

Chainring/guard /press $40.00

MKS Pedals $30.00

New chain $10.00

New cables/pads/oil/supplies $10.00

P1170945Norman Bicycles were taken over by Raleigh in the early 1950’s and continued until 1962 or so.


I replaced the trigger and brake levers with a better set.
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Perhaps the arrival of this Norman in 1960 had something to do with their demise…



Anther Raleigh Superbe

Seen on Toronto Kijiji at a very reasonable $159.00!

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Tall Cool Raleigh in a Black Dress

Yet another Kijiji post. Seller is asking $300.00 for this one. Not sure if they were ever offered in black, so it could be a re spray.

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Super Raleigh Superbe

A very well priced Raleigh Superbe for sale on Toronto Kijiji. The owner is asking $90.00. It’s worth that much just in parts!

It even has a Dynohub! Won’t last long.

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Another Raleigh Superbe

This one appeared on Kijiji Hamilton today. Owner is asking $565.00….

It does have a factory installed battery pack option that I’ve not seen before as well as the Dynohub.

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Raleigh Ad 1951

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 10.59.12 AMThis Raleigh Sports Tourist priced at $63.75 in 1951 would still cost $560.00 in today’s money!

The illustrated bicycle above, shows the Dynohub mounted on the left side. This page from the catalogue shows it on the right.

raleigh-superbeI believe the right side is correct.


1973 Raleigh Superbe

Another recent listing on Kijiji, Toronto. Owner is asking for best offer.

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1965 CCM Continental 3 Speed

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2014 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!

Screen shot 2014-07-05 at 9.07.16 AM


Ladies Raliegh 3 Speed with Rod Brakes

Not sure what this model is ( looks like a Superbe) but a very cool bike at a reasonable price. It has a rear Dynohub as well. Listed on Kijiji Toronto @ $ 270.00.

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Ladies 3 Speed Superbe

This one popped up on Kijiji Hamilton @ $350.00. Includes the front fork key (always a good sign).

$_210 $_201-1The Dynohub needs to be rotated clockwise 180 degrees!

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Modified 1960 Raleigh Sports

Also found on Ebay. I find the inverted bars attractive but uncomfortable to ride. Also the 3 speed trigger should be replaced on this one with a period Sturmey Archer trigger. Priced At $550.0 the seller will accept an offer.

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1953 CCM 3 Speed

This bike is fore sale in Alberta at $500.00. It would appear to be a top of the line model with the front Dyno Hub.

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Vintage Raleigh Poster

I saw this poster from 1938 for sale last week at the st Lawrence Sunday Antique Market. The seller was asking $650.00 and wouldn’t let me take a photo. This is a shot from the interweb.



1958 Ladies Raleigh Superbe

This bike is also for sale on Kijiji Toronto. It has the rear wheel Dynohub option.

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