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Flying Pigeon Flies Again

Regular reader and contributor, Diarmuind writes:
I’ve a few picture here that might be of interest to your readers. My Flying Pigeon that I brought in from Spain for  300 euro a year ago.
I bought this because of its rarity in Ireland and its unusual double crossbar. All it lacks is history.
I’ve a lot of spare parts that I’ve collected over the years, like the rear Sturmey Archer coaster brake, cable and 1976 SA 3 speed trigger.So I decided to up grade it from single to 3 speed.
They’re not as pleasant to ride,  but it’s a cheap way to convert to 3 speed if you have the parts laying around. There is a good bit of work to do this align the chain wheel with the rear sprocket takes time to figure out how much of a spacer is needed on the left hand side of the bike.So the the chain moves freely in the chain case without rubbing.
Flying pigeons will be valued one day.
Certainly an interesting project. The Flying Pigeon was based on the Raleigh DL-1 and despite being a very attractive bike is not that practical due to excessive weight. They’re fine on a level path but hills are a problem. Adding a Sturmey Archer hub would be a definite improvement.
They’re difficult to date as the older ones don’t have serial numbers.
Please keep Three Speed Mania posted with your progress.
Thanks for the contribution and remember that Three Speed Mania welcomes contributions from readers.
They keep the site current and interesting.