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Winter Vintage Bicycle Show!


Sunday Feb. 19th.

It’s worth the drive to Brantford!

1971 Hercules 3 Speed Progress.

I’m making some progress on this one.┬áDisassembled and cleaned. The bottom bracket has been re packed and new tires installed. I’m hoping to find a few parts at the bike show tomorrow to complete.I’m always on the look out for those mini fenders…

P1170183 P1170184 P1170186 P1170187 P1170189 P1170191

New Purchase/1971 Hercules 3 Speed

Picked up a somewhat ratty Hercules 3 speed the other day at a reasonable price ($80.00) The hub is poorly stamped but looks like 1971.┬áHere are the before pictures. It has a Japanese “Speedic” leather saddle as well.

P1150851 P1150846 P1150845 P1150848 P1150843


1938 Hercules Falcon Finale

Last photo of this one for the time being.
1938 Hercules Falcon
I’ve attached an older, broken in Wrights saddle that’s more period appropriate.

P1140930 P1140932

1951 Hercules King 3 Speed

1960-Hercules Hercules-front-end Vintage-Hercules-bell Leather-saddle-bag Hercules-frame-detail Laid-back-angles

hercules_king_badge_vcc_library Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.03.43 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.02.58 PM


Treasure Your Bicycle!

The 1960 Hercules owners manual.

maint_frnt_sm maint_incov_sm maint_pg01_sm maint_pg02_sm maint_pg03_sm maint_pg04_sm maint_pg05_sm maint_pg06_sm maint_pg07_sm maint_pg08-09_sm maint_pg10_sm maint_pg11_sm maint_pg12_sm maint_pg13_sm maint_pg14_sm maint_pg15_sm maint_pg16_sm maint_inbkcov_sm maint_bk_sm


1960 Hercules Parts Catalogue

H_parts_hbar_03 H_parts_wheel_06 H_parts_fenders_11 H_parts_pedals_10 H_parts_lights_08 H_parts_brakes_02 H_parts_frames


Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show

This Sunday!



Vintage 3 Speed Hercules


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

It’s full steam ahead. The first annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show will be held on Sunday July 29th in Trinity Bellwoods Park at the Strachan entrance. Everyone is encouraged to come out and show their bikes. There will be vintage bicycles and parts for sale as well. Vendor rates are $25.00 for individuals and $50.00 for a business payable in advance to the Community Bicycle Network on Queen or on the day.

Vendors are required to provide their own tables/booths.

History of Sturmey Archer Triggers by Martin Hanczyc

The PDF file can be downloaded by clicking on the link below: