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Crazy Raleigh Space Rider 3 Speed


1974 Raleigh Colt or Space Rider

2012-12-30 14.47.29 2012-12-28 18.55.30 2012-12-28 18.55.21 2012-12-28 18.53.28 2012-12-28 18.53.21 DSCN0036 DSCN0034 DSCN0035Brad, the owner writes:
I replaced the original 18 tooth sprocket with a 20 tooth, that
dragged the wheel forward 1/2″, it it more centred now which makes me
think that is what it was meant to have in the first place, it is
better to ride also.

I soaked it in bucket of water for a few days, then bent it into
shape, wrapped a rope around it to hold it in shape and allowed it to
dry. Then rubbed in plenty of Dubbin, a leather product. Two kids, 9
and 11 have used it and say it is comfortable.

The brake levers seem to be child size.

Below, a sample of the Raleigh boy’s Space Riders.

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