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Another Eastman Winchester

Listed recently on Kijiji, a rod and lever equipped Eastman bicycle from India. $150 or best offer. It would make an interesting custom Path Racer.



BSA Golden Clubman 3 Speed

Not sure what year this is but hope to find out…

Rod, lever and drum brakes!

It must weigh a ton! I was going to have a look at this one yesterday but it had already sold. Just as well, really as I have too many bikes as it is!!

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James Bond and the Raleigh DL-1 Tourist

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1981 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist For Sale

Sara from Phoenix sent me these photos of her bike that she’s selling.

a 1980 Raleigh DL-1. She’s owned the bike for 28 years and is ready to find a new home for it. She’s asking $500.00. Located in Phoenix. Email address:

IMG_8647 IMG_8646


Raleigh Tourist For Sale

Saw this one on Craigs List Toronto today.

Appears to be very clean @ $400.00.

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Another Windsor/Eastman From India

Windsor_Winch_Full_TQF_2 Windsor_Winch_Full_Side_1 Windsor_Winch_Full_TQF_L_4An odd bike from India, a Winchester with a very old style to it. The story of this particular bicycle can be found here.

I bought one years ago and made it into a Path Racer of sorts.

p1010905And here’s another one from the Rat Rod Bikes site.

Windsorfinished windsorolympiaBelow, another Eastman/Windsor/Winchester currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

P1100945 P1100947 P1100949 P1100951


1977 Raleigh Tourist

A very clean example currently for sale on Toronto Kijiji.

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Vintage BSA 5 Speed Star Flyer

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Raleigh Advert


Toronto Vintage Bike Show Update

We finally have a date for the Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show.

Vendors tables will be available @ $25.00/Individual


Contact Community Bicycle Network to arrange payment

761 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M6J 1G1

416 504 2918


Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Chinese Bicycle on Queen Street

Spotted on Queen West this past weekend a newly purchased LarkLark bicycle, made in China, year unknown.

Windsor Winchester Bicycle from India

Rod and lever brakes, year unknown.