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Bridgestone Mystery Bike

I’m not sure how old this bike is or what model it is.

It looks like a Bridgestone XO-2 with the famous moustache handlebars but other details lead me to believe it’s an older model.

P1090101 P1090102 P1090103 P1090105 P1090107 P1090108 xo2It could be a mid 70’s Bridgestone Shine Star.

6280190102_1ae747ef47_b 6280191034_5c68c599e5_bIt also has a mid 70’s Shimano Skylark rear derailler.

IMGP5806 (1)-filtered

A bit more research suggests it’s a Bridgestone Youngway from the early 1970’s.

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3009_pop_up914_1This one also has the chrome cross bar.

It would appear that the bike is an early 1970’s Bridgestone Sprinter. Most seem to be 5 speeds while the one at the top of the post (mine) is a 10 speed.

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