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3 Speed CCM Imperial Mark IV

This showed up on Kjiji Hamilton today @ $160.00.

A mid 60’s CCM Imperial Mark IV with a Life Long Guarantee!

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3 Speed Schwinn Metro Cycle

$_qqax20-1 $(KGrHqV,!qMFH94BwplvBR+771wHVw~~48_20 $_2.,2870-2 $_2qq;;pp0-4 $_2quebt0-5 $_20uuut-6 $_20-ssqlio7 1978_schwinn_metro_cycle 1978_21This one’s for sale in Hanover Ontario for $299.00 on Kijiji.


Robin Hood Sherwood Arrow

Saw this one on Kijiji Kitchener. A Robin Hood Sherwood Arrow, year unknown but I suspect early 1950’s.

$_2alq0 $_20::e-1 $_20-??aA2 $_20-??aA2 $_2qqsw30-3From The Three Speed Hub

the 1950 Raleigh Parts Calalogue

Raleigh-SparePartsList-1950-UK Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.30.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.32.45 PM


Raleigh Ad 1951

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 10.59.12 AMThis Raleigh Sports Tourist priced at $63.75 in 1951 would still cost $560.00 in today’s money!

The illustrated bicycle above, shows the Dynohub mounted on the left side. This page from the catalogue shows it on the right.

raleigh-superbeI believe the right side is correct.


Two More Gliders

A viewer has sent me some photos of a pair of his and hers Raleigh built Gliders that were recently purchased.

Dated 1972.

screen-shot-2015-01-03-at-12-17-37-pm 20 tumblr_nh993qrfuk1qioecto2_r1_1280





1957 Raleigh Catalogue

Screen shot 2014-12-31 at 4.03.47 PMThe link below should open as a .pdf file.

Raleigh catalogue 1957 (V-CC Library)


Raleigh Catalogue Photos

Not sure of the year, mid 70’s?

raleigh-tourist raleigh-sport-deluxe raleigh-superbe


British Made Indian 3 Speeds

indian-bike-shop-copy 1951_indian_scout_advertA good article here on British made Indian bicycles.

The Princess was the girls version and for the boys, the Indian Scout.

20104100_1_lThese were made in England by Phillips for the U.S. market and branded Indian.

1951_Indian_Scout_9 indian_scout_and_princess


A good photo essay on an Indian Princess restoration.


1962 3 Speed Schwinn Traveler

This bike is for sale in Hamilton at Downtown Bike Hounds for $400.00.

$_jje0-7 $_;;2210-1 $_20ppmy-2 $_paare0-3 $_1100-4 $_77640-5 $_lloa0-6 1960-schwinn-traveler$67.00 in 1960 works out to $535.00 today.

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 8.44.14 AM 1960-schwinn-corvette


Street Raleigh

Spotted in Kensington Market.



Vintage Sturmey Archer Advertising

pic-225 pic-220 1933+Sturmey+poster sturmey-archer-tricoaster-copy 'PerfectModel'_ad 3032680414_fa49d8180a Sturmey_Archer_Ad 28-sturmey-archer


1971Raleigh Colt 3 Speed

Another bike for sale on Kijiji Toronto. A 1971Raleigh Colt 3 Speed with an asking price of $425.00.

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3 Fall Favourites

Now that fall has arrived here in Canada it’s time to think about putting the bikes away. I’m not an all season rider. These three 3 speeds are my everyday bikes with the Canadian built Superbe seeing the most action. I’ve probably spent the most money on the Superbe over the years from initial purchase @ $160.00 to adding new tires/chain/pedals/pump/brake pads etc.

The vintage saddle bag was $10.00 and the vintage Brooks saddle $80.00.

P1140309From the left: 1964 Glider, 1973 Raleigh Superbe and a 1967 Dunelt.

I like to add some oil to the hub and pump up the tires before they’re retired for the season.

Also I leave the shifter in the 3rd position to take the tension off the indicator chain.

The bikes are hung in the garage and I will occasionally go out and give the back wheel a spin and run through the gears just to circulate the oil.

Also, a little Proofide can be applied to the saddle(s).


trioThe Dunelt has a nice home made leather hub shiner…



1956 Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Currently offered on Kijiji Toronto @ $500.00.

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1973 Raleigh Superbe

Another recent listing on Kijiji, Toronto. Owner is asking for best offer.

$_2llm0 $_;ase20-1 $_,dr20-2 $_2.48u0-4 $_2.3wa00-5


1965 CCM Continental 3 Speed

$_ddo0-2 $_2gue0-3 $_2aqwd0-4 $_2llo0-5 $_amm0-6 $_olaw0-7 $_qqi0-8 $_qya0-9 $_,2230-10 $_9930-11


Vintage BSA Bicycle

Not a 3 speed but a good looking bike, all the same. Spotted on St. Patrick Street yesterday.

P1140154 P1140155 P1140158 P1140160 P1140163 P1140165 P1140168BSA stands for Birmingham Small Arms and the logo is 3 crossed rifles.

BSA made guns before they got into bicycles and motorcycles.


1964 Glider 3 Speed

Last post on this one until spring.

I found and old Speedic leather saddle and managed to restore it somewhat with liberal doses of Proofide from Brooks.

A pair of old Raleigh black rubber grips replaced the original red plastic ones.

P1140147 P1140149 P1140151 jasca-0035P1140552A 22 tooth cog on the rear hub.



NOS 3 Speed Triggers

One Sturmey Archer (with protective cardboard) and one knock off.

P1140034 P1140036


Raleigh Tourist For Sale

Saw this one on Craigs List Toronto today.

Appears to be very clean @ $400.00.

00m0m_4hlOpgyHkqA_600x450 00f0f_khCWwzgU0iJ_600x450 00H0H_gRrvGWJTVua_600x450 00k0k_jg16NBuUYGA_600x450 00K0K_2G7rqanOg6y_600x450


Old Sturmey Archer Metal Sign



1964 Glider Update

Last Sunday’s shakedown ride proved to be a bit of a disaster.

I had to stop en route to buy some wrenches to tighten various bolts (I needed a new set anyway and they were on sale).

Then the NOS brake cables I’d put on started to bind really badly. I think the ferrules were too small and were getting twisted in their housing.

Finally I locked the bike up outside the El Mocambo to see some (work related) wrestling and when I came out some Jackass had locked his bike to mine!!!

I killed some time in Kensington but when I returned it was still locked so I removed the Brooks saddle and the hand pump and took the streetcar home.

In any case, I got the bike back the next day and replaced the brake cables with some refurbished Sturmey Archer originals I had in the garage.

I’m still on the lookout for a mini fender (or fenderette) for the front wheel.

Today’s ride was a success and it’s one of the cleanest shifting hubs I’ve had.

P1140007 P1140008Even though I like the look of the inverted handle bars, I find them uncomfortable.

I’ll probably flip them back to their normal position.


1964 Glider Update.

Here are some before photos of the bike that was purchased in Dundas Ontario last week.

I had a very productive day gathering supplies and parts for this current project.

P1130758 P1130761After a thorough cleaning I started to re assemble.

A few new spokes on the back wheel, the bottom bracket got new bearings and was repacked as well as the stem bearings.

I re-used the original tubes but already had some new tires in the shed.

I find that old inner tubes hold the pressure better than modern ones.

P1130764 P1130763 P1130766Mini fender supplied by George (the bike shop at the foot of Fraser).

Also had an old style thumb shifter in the garage.

P1130771 P1130769I also installed a bigger cog on the rear wheel. I’ll try it out and see…

New vintage style pedals from Martin at Hoop Driver Bicycles on College.

P1130768More updates to follow.

P1130772 P1130774All new cables and a new chain.

P1130776 P1130782 P1130780I like the old style 3 speed cable system with the carrier wheel at the back. I’m just missing the little hard plastic “stop” that holds the cable housing. I’ve made a temporary one out of a rubber grommet and a brake ferrule but will look for the proper piece today.

Total cost of this project to date:

Bicycle and vintage pump $100

New chain $14.00

New pedals $20.00

Assorted used parts $20.00

Cables/tires/pads and saddle I already had on hand.

Time to put together: Priceless!


1964 Eatons Glider 3 Speed

A picked up another little project this week, a 1964 Eaton’s Glider 3 speed (made by Raleigh).100_1796More to follow as the bike progresses.

P1130741The bike’s been stripped down (the easy part) and I quite like the frame. Time to work on the bottom bracket and start to clean and re assemble.

CCM Rambler 3 Speed

Another 3 speed that popped up on Kijiji Toronto.


SuperCycle 3 Speed

A viewer from Lakefield sent me some photos and a request to date her Canadian built Supercycle 3 speed. She writes:

I bought two matching bicycles, Supercycle, and was wondering if you might know where I could find info re: age, etc. I do have the serial numbers (E followed by six numbers). I’ve attached some pictures. I’m going away for a  few weeks so if you do happen to have information on these bikes I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Anita, Lakefield ON


I quite like the green/chartreuse colour but I swapped the Shimano 333 hub and shifter for a Sturmey Archer system.

p1050588My bike with a CCM chain ring. This colour was quite popular and I’ve seen a few versions of this same frame.

It’s a two colour application with a silver base and then the green on top.

A nice 10 speed below.


CCM supplied bikes to Canadian Tire that were re branded as Supercycles. Other suppliers include Raleigh and Bridgestone.

The bikes were often assembled from old stock.

Vintage CCM provides the chart below.

ccmcodes_2This would date your bike frame as being built in 1973 and possibly being sold in 1974 or 1975 (my guess).

Unlike Sturmey Archer, Shimano didn’t stamp a date on their hubs.

This want ad popped up on Kijiji today.

Ray writes:

“I saw this bike on the street in very good condition and was wondering how
many of these are sitting in the basements or garages of houses in Toronto.

It is a 10 speed with a seat called Speedic.

I think I paid $60 for it back in the mid-seventies…at Canadian Tire you
can buy a new 18 speed mountain bike for $99, today…go figure. “

$_20 $_20-1 $_20-2

A well preserved Speedic sadldle,  a Brooks knock off made in Japan.

Ray writes:

“They are “sharp/detail/colour accurate” pics and with the bike being in such good condition (especially the
seat) it just brought back a great memory of a 13 year old purchasing a bike
that was far too big. I rode it, re-painted it (red) and had it stolen one day after
school while I was taking driving lessons offered by the school.”

Same colour but made in Japan.

Here’s another one for sale in Kingston Ontario.

$_20-rr3 $_20-334 $_20-ww5 $_20-qq6 $_20-gg7

Hope this helps.


Rudge DL-1, Britain’s Best Bicycle!

Unusual and eclectic export model made for the Caribbean/ South/Central American market, 7 years after Raleigh dropped the Rudge name in the US and UK markets.

I’d like to find one of these.

rudge_79dl1_100412_1_salerudge_dl1_chainguar_lg_1millar_rudge_calgaryPhoto by Kevin Millar.


Bike Show Update

I did manage to sell a bike at the show. This 1953 Humphrey (CCM) found a good home and on the plus side, I didn’t buy a bike!

P1120079I did buy a vintage saddlebag for old faithful, my mid 70’s Canadian built Superbe.

P1130051 P1130054


BSA Ladies 3 Speed

P1120973 P1120971 P1120975 P1120976 P1120977 P1120978 P1120979