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Super Cycle 3 Speed in Italy

Bruno, from Italy has spotted this bike on Ebay and requests some info.

UK (1).jpgUK (2).jpg

Bruno writes:

“Hello Greg, very kind, here it is, I have lost it for just a few moments on ebay, cost only € 70, if I could have restored it(saddle, pedals, cables, lights, etc.) would have become beautiful

I wait to know anything you discover

ciao and warm regards from Italy.”

“I have a couple of pictures of an English three speed “Super Cycle” bike, I would love to know more about it (name, model etc.), I need a place where to post them.’

It’s hard to see any detail in these photos but, The Super Cycle brand was used by Canadian Tire stores here in Canada. Bicycles were purchased form various suppliers over  the years.

These included CCM, Raleigh, Bridgestone and others.

Input is welcome.