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CCM 3 Speed Path Racer

My neighbour, Dan, is also into vintage bicycles. He mostly likes 50’s Rat Rod bikes that he customizes and sells. He currently has this 60’s CCM 3 speed Path Racer up for sale on Craigslist Toronto at a very reasonable $140.00.

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73 Supercycle 3 Speed Project Update

This bike belongs to a friend at work. He bought a house last year and the bike was left behind in the garage. It looked to be in a sorry state. After disassembly and a good clean it appears that the bike has spent most of it’s life unridden.. Originally equipped with a Shimano 333 hub I plan to replace with a Sturmey Archer rear wheel. I’ve posted about these bikes before.

A strange CCM/Supercycle hybrid.

Work continues.

P1170203 P1170205 P1170207P1170208 P1170210 P1170211 P1170212After dis assembly it became clear that this was a very low mileage bicycle and had spent most of it’s 40 yeras stashed in a gararge. I decided to leave the Shimano 333 hub on the bike to preserve it’s originality. Other than time, the only costs on this one was $40.00. two new tires and a chain. The photos don’t capture the true colour.


1957 CCM 3 Speed For Sale

Here’s one that showed up today on Kijiji Toronto@ $295.00.

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Crazy Rat Bike

My neighbour Dan, put together this Rat Bike from a CCM Rambler and his parts bin. The massive chainring is from an old exercise bike. It takes a while to wind up to speed…

P1150466 P1150469 P1150471 P1150472 P1150474 P1150476 P1150478

CCM Continental 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji ad, this one’s located near High Park with a very reasonable¬†asking price of $160.00.

It won’t last long…

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CCM Galaxie 3 Speed

Here’s a clean example of a mid 60’s CCM Galaxie 3 speed offered at a very reasonable $100.00 on Toronto Kijiji.

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CCM Path Racer

My friend Hiep Pham put together this simple but elegant Path Racer from a bike he found in the trash.

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CCM Rambler 3 Speed

Another 3 speed that popped up on Kijiji Toronto.



Vintage CCM

This one was spotted yesterday at the Liquor Store.

P1120111 P1120113 P1120115


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show Photos

p1100285More photos of the 2013 show can be found at Vintage CCM.


Vintage CCM

Not a three speed but still a nice bike.

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Vintage CCM

Not really in my area of interest, but still a collectable vintage bicycle.

P1090114 P1090115 P1090117 P1090118 P1090121