Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles


1960 Norman 3 Speed with Dynohub

sc000061de pic-924.1

Yet another bicycle purchase. A 1960 Norman 3 Speed with a AG Dynohub. Rough but workable. I didn’t pay much for it ($75.00 CDN), so I don’t mind spending a bit to get it back on the road. I spotted this one in the spring at a used clothing/stuff store. The original asking price was a whopping $350.00 but obviously, there were no takers. I offered $60.00 and we settled on $75.00.

P1170909 P1170913 P1170911 P1170914 P1170917

I stripped the bike and repacked all the bearings. I gave the frame and forks a quick cleaning and sanding and spray painted mat black. Other than 55 years worth of dirt and grime it was in good shape.




I recently read that you can clean chrome with tin foil and water…. I can tell you that it really works!

P1170931 P1170932

These brake calipers came out looking almost brand new.


I was pleased to discover that the Dynohub still works!


George from Parts Unknown was able to supply some parts including this Hercules chainring and chainguard from an old Eatons Glider. He also let me use his cotter pin press. These cotters were the toughest ones I’ve ever encountered.

Pedals are MKS 3000 from West Side Cycle on Roncesvalles.

George at Parkdale Bicycle on Macdonell supplied a new chain and cotter pins.

P1170940 P1170947

So the work is mostly done for now. There’s still some fine tuning and adjustments to be done.

The bike has a 23″ frame, but due to the loose geometry, the stand over height is an inch lower that my newer (1973) Raleigh Superbe.

Total cost to date:

Bike purchase $75.00

Chainring/guard /press $40.00

MKS Pedals $30.00

New chain $10.00

New cables/pads/oil/supplies $10.00

P1170945Norman Bicycles were taken over by Raleigh in the early 1950’s and continued until 1962 or so.


I replaced the trigger and brake levers with a better set.
090520055630_npsafety_2_ 120619034942_cycle_1961_2120619034942_cycle_1961_1

Perhaps the arrival of this Norman in 1960 had something to do with their demise…



2 responses

  1. Ooo, nice job! Re: Tin foil and chrome, you can add some salt to the water and it works like a hot damn on bad spots. I love the Glider chainguard on there. I noticed they seem to only show up on the 5 speed Gliders that I’ve seen, but it totally looks the part there.

    December 5, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    • Thanks for the feedback. There are still a couple of small items to attend to.

      December 6, 2015 at 8:28 am

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