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My Dad Bought Me a Bike

Back in 1965 or so, my Dad bought me a bike. It was probably a Supercycle bought at the old Canadian Tire on Dundas. It looked something like this one.


Single speed with a coaster brake.


Even at $40.00 (1967 price), using the inflation calculator, it would equal about $320.00 today or close to half a week’s pay….

I liked my bike very much but by 1967 I really wanted one of these.


My dad and I went back to Canadian Tire, not to buy a new bike but to buy the accessories to convert my bike.

He repainted the frame in a nice sparkle finish green, added the ape hanger bars, new sparkle grips, a banana seat, sissy bar and perhaps monkey fenders.

The re styled bike was promptly stolen by some kid at school. We never locked our bikes back then. Somehow my Dad tracked it down and we went to this kid’s house to retrieve it. I’m not sure how my Dad found it or what happened to this bike afterwards, but I obviously out grew it and moved on to a bigger 10 speed.

Thanks Dad.

If anyone else would like to contribute a story on this theme please comment and I will post.


Super Cycles!

Blog reader, Cassandra has sent me some photos of a pair of bikes rescued from the trash. She writes:

“Hey, just wanted to say your blog is great! My husband and I have just recently gotten into biking, and are really enjoying it. We just pulled a his and hers matching set from the trash. They are supercycle from Canadian tire, but I’m not sure on the year. The gear shifts are on the neck of the handle bars, maybe that will help? They are really cool bikes, I can email you pictures if you are interested in seeing them; I think they are a good find, but I don’t know much about vintage bicycles.”


Good job saving these from land fill.

It’s hard to tell from the photos but I think they’re Raleigh built bikes.

My only clue  is the pedal style which Raleigh used in the early 70’s.

I have the same ones on a 1972 Raleigh Superbe. This style was a cost cutting measure as they don’t have bearings.

Supercycle, the house brand of Canadian Tire bought bikes from several suppliers over the years that they re-branded. CCM, Raleigh and Bridgestone  all supplied bikes.

Also, look for a “Made in Canada” sticker at the bottom of the seat tube and look at the rear derailleur.

A closer look at the head badge reveals “Made in Canada”,

which probably means assembled in Canada.

This site, Disraeli Gears is a good resource to date your bike.

Anyone else care to weigh in these?

I wouldn’t spend too much $$ on these, but new tires and brake pads wouldn’t be too much and you can try polishing the chrome with some tin foil and water (this really works!).

Good luck and send me some “after” photos.


An Interesting Supercycle

Here’s a Raleigh built Supercycle for sale on Kijiji Toronto. A 3 speed hub with a coaster brake and caliper brakes as well. Priced at $225.00.$_27[1vcgzfry].jpg$_27xzdsrw[1].jpg$_27[vcgndf1].jpg$_27bcfzry[1].jpg .


1978 Raleigh Supercycle


Trash or Treasure? You Decide!
A neighbour dropped off this rough Supercycle frame last night. I suspected that it was another Raleigh re-brand. The small Made in Canada sticker is the same as the one on my Canadian made (assembled?) Raleigh Superbe. The serial number, RN851730 decodes as R (Canada) N (October) 8 (1978).

Supercycle Gran Sport


Bridgestone Youngway

It turns out that this bike is indeed a Bridgestone Youngway.

The store that I bought it from decided to remove all of the lights and horns etc and threw them in the garbage!

Although I quite liked this bicycle It was too small for me so I gave it to a young woman I work with who will get more use out of it.

p1090101 3306047312_8d09bb1287_bIt originally would have looked something like this.

ae8d2db1e433feb11d513193475581f9df774b04The used bike shop that I bought it from decided that all of the lights and racks etc. were not an incentive so stripped the bike and threw it all in the garbage…..

The bike below just showed up on Kijiji Toronto.

The same bike re-branded as a Supercycle for Canadian Tire.

$T2eC16JHJHkFFl8oIWy0BRhTW,k!Ow~~48_20 $(KGrHqZHJEEFE3rBbYLDBRhTWkcv-Q~~48_20 $T2eC16JHJIIE9qTYI65WBRhTYEfu(!~~48_20 $T2eC16F,!)0E9s37FbL2BRhTYOI7Tg~~48_203306039006_74e60baa71_zAnother Supercycle branded Bridgestone seen on the street yesterday.

P1100849 P11008501c954_GD_10-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail179871-12155 5de89_GD_12-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail fea64_GD_13-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail ac5a0_GD_11-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail


Raleigh Built Supercycle 3 Speed

Here’s another Kijiji Toronto item. Appears to be in very good condition but not sure of the price…

$_7777 $_-ppy7-1 $_llaju7-2 $_22287-3 $_2ppl7-4 $_27qqpqoi-5 $_2,,mr7-6 $_2qqmajau7-7


A Couple of Cool 3 Speeds

This is the 500th post on Three Speed Mania!!

These two 3 speeds showed up on Kijiji Toronto today.

First, a British made Supercycle offered at $135.00.


$_xxa27$_27bbb$_2xxx7$_2hhh7The second is an Eaton’s Glider @ $95.00.

This one appears very clean and original (except missing fenders) and very good value for the price.

$_2aqqwe7 $_2nmy7 $_2qqer7 $_2uui7 $_2qopl7


3 Speed Supercycle

A clean and original 3 speed Supercycle, circa 1965. Note the period correct cable braids.

Currently listed on Kijiji Toronto @ $175.00

$_20-ee2 $_20-ww1 $_20-ds3


New Home for an Old Friend

This Supercycle 3 speed, pulled from the trash 3 years ago, has found a new owner in Hamilton and is currently getting a make over. Photos to follow soon.

Coming soon, the Third Annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!

Sunday July 27th at Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto.

p1050588The work in progress below.

-551 -552 -553 -554 -555Below the almost finished bike.

P1120997 P1130001A NOS CCM chain ring!


NOS Vintage Supercycle Seat

This was posted on Kijiji Ottawa today.

$_20-1 $_20-2 $_20-3 $_20


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show July 28 Trinity Bellwoods Park

bike show 2013 final

Rat Bike Trio

Despite the fact that I have several very nice English 3 speeds I tend to ride these 3 Rat Bikes more often. They were all virtually free.

The 67 Dunelt @ $40.00, The green CCM/Supercycle (free from the trash) and the 69 CCM Galaxie ($39.00 in trade).

It’s probably because I’ve invested more of my time into these and I’m not too concerned with their appearance.

P1090272 P1090275 P1090278


A very clean 60’s Supercycle made by Raleigh for Canadian Tire.

$T2eC16VHJH8E9qSEWJoKBRV)GcCokg~~48_20 $T2eC16dHJHIE9nysfCI5BRV)HqTb0w~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!)kE9s4Z-v!WBRV)Hw,l2Q~~48_20 $(KGrHqZHJDYFFSJfZJOWBRV)H1o06!~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!ysE9sy0h(7iBRV)JK3n9w~~48_20

Canadian Tire Catalogue 1972

ct 72 ct 2 72

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

More Street Bikes

Super Cycle!!

Still functional after close to 50 years.

A Successful Bike Show

Thank you to everyone that participated and attended. It was a terrific day and considering that this was our first show, very well attended.

The fleet was assembled that morning for final preparations.

Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

It’s full steam ahead. The first annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show will be held on Sunday July 29th in Trinity Bellwoods Park at the Strachan entrance. Everyone is encouraged to come out and show their bikes. There will be vintage bicycles and parts for sale as well. Vendor rates are $25.00 for individuals and $50.00 for a business payable in advance to the Community Bicycle Network on Queen or on the day.

Vendors are required to provide their own tables/booths.

Street Bikes

A Raleigh Laurentian 3 Speed.

Currently for sale (along with some other vintage bikes) in Kensington Market.

The seat, made by Shields in Toronto.

Another green mid 70’s Supercycle.

And a Ladies’ Sears.

Toronto Vintage Bike Show Update

We finally have a date for the Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show.

Vendors tables will be available @ $25.00/Individual


Contact Community Bicycle Network to arrange payment

761 Queen Street West  Toronto, ON M6J 1G1

416 504 2918


Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

Roncesvalles Street Bikes

An English (Raleigh) built 3 Speed Supercycle.

An interesting CCM Elan. English built with an optional Dyno-Hub front wheel and lights. I’ve only seen the Dynohub on Raleigh Superbes before.

Comprehensive information on Dynohubs can be found here.

Another Raleigh built Supercycle, single speed.

Note the cotter-pinned cranks.

Keeping Your Bikes Organized.

Vintage Supercycle