Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles



1960 Superbe Update!

I decided not to paint this bike for the time being. I was anxious to get it back together and take advantage of the warm fall weather. Costs to date:
Bike purchase @ $50.00
New Tires @ $32.00
New Cables @ $18.00
New Brake Pads @ $6.00
Brake lever ferrule @ .40 cents (Outrageous!)
The chain ring crank needs to be straightened and I’ll repaint later.
Saddle is OK for now but will look for a vintage leather one.
I’ve also replaced both calipers with “newer” versions to do away with the proprietary earlier ones.
Took it for a shakedown ride today and have a few adjustments to make.



Vintage Robin Hood 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji posting. A vintage Robin Hood 3 speed, year unknown but I suspect early 1960’s. This one’s located at College and Bathurst and reasonably priced at $139.00.


Looking again, it looks like the front fork might be bent.


An Interesting Supercycle

Here’s a Raleigh built Supercycle for sale on Kijiji Toronto. A 3 speed hub with a coaster brake and caliper brakes as well. Priced at $225.00.$_27[1vcgzfry].jpg$_27xzdsrw[1].jpg$_27[vcgndf1].jpg$_27bcfzry[1].jpg .


Broken Bottom Bracket

I had hoped to turn this Canadian built Raleigh frame into a 3 speed Path Racer of sorts. It looked like a good candidate as it was tall and free….


As it turns out, it would not accept the adjustable cup on the BB and a closer inspection revealed that it was cracked in a couple of spots. Not sure what would have caused this (over tightening?). In any case it’s been scrapped. I saved the  forks and am looking for a new frame/project.



Yet Another Raleigh Superbe

This one is currently for sale in Parkdale, Toronto.

Here’s a link to the ad on Craig’s List

All in all a very nice bike with all the accessories.

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70’s Raleigh Sprite 10 Speed

Not really I bike I would normally be interested in, this Raleigh Sprite was at the show yesterday and it seemed to have my name on it. Leather saddle and new tires.

I did sell a CCM Imperial earlier so felt somewhat justified it taking this one home. My wife, however was not as keen……

Thanks to Brian and Suzanne from Peterborough.

P1100353 P1100354 P1100357 P1100359A quick review of the bike reveals a sticker indicating it was sold by Banks Bicycle Shop in Peterborough.

ACVX00010008The first location.

ACVX00010014The second location, where this bike was purchased. Note the hanging Raleigh sign.



1970 Carlton Glider 10 Speed

Obviously not a 3 speed, this is still an interesting bike. Made in England by Carlton for the Eatons chain here in Canada. Carlton bicycles were taken over by Raleigh in 1961 but maintained a somewhat independent status. Their bicycles were well respected and were still hand finished.

I really like the mini fenders.

$(KGrHqJ,!oIFHclC1pIPBR5FOYtGp!~~48_20 $T2eC16d,!zcE9s4g3hpqBR5FOJ2ZNQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqNHJDkFG)SOV-ppBR5FOR7QJQ~~48_20 $(KGrHqFHJE!FH,g8VYuBBR5FOU7!Qw~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!yUE9s6NG)gUBR5FOD0SKw~~48_20 $(KGrHqZ,!mIFH(zUzEfLBR5FOFy35w~~48_20 $(KGrHqF,!mEFHdIVvH-gBR5FOMs+EQ~~48_20 $T2eC16N,!zQE9s3srYcJBR5FOPqpFg~~48_20

40,000 Hits/Raleigh Dawn Tourist

Thanks to everyone that’s been visiting the site.

Today’s post is a vintage Raleigh Dawn Tourist currently offered on Kijiji Toronto.

$T2eC16NHJGoFFvwqzwRPBRcFUr(0jg~~48_20 $T2eC16NHJF4FFkt8RW8JBRcFUyR2Cw~~48_20 $T2eC16ZHJIIE9qTYLSssBRcFVGr1J!~~48_20 $(KGrHqJHJ!wFBtPKo8MkBRcFVOIjwQ~~48_20A late 60’s model with some very nice period accessories.

$T2eC16N,!ysE9sy0hYpWBRcFVZNLow~~48_20 $T2eC16d,!)kE9s4,BL5tBRcFVfwLSw~~48_20Brooks saddle and tool bag, rear wheel Dynohub as well as  Sturmey Archer battery pack.

1975 Raleigh Superbe

$T2eC16JHJG8E9nyfmI4BBR(2H9gl!!~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!yEE9s5jGJo)BR(2IP2llQ~~48_20 $T2eC16VHJHgE9n0yFi-!BR(2ImKydQ~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!)8E9s4l8!d(BR(2IuUgCg~~48_20 $T2eC16Z,!)QE9s3HFiyMBR(2I4NfhQ~~48_20Currently offered for sale on Kijiji Toronto @ $360.00.

Vintage Raleigh

$T2eC16RHJGoE9nuQfR+GBQy9+jebMQ~~60_57 $T2eC16dHJGwE9n)yUsnQBQy9+07LUw~~60_57 $T2eC16RHJGwE9n)yTUg2BQy9+pPT3w~~60_57 $T2eC16dHJG8E9nyfpmg!BQy9+udw7g~~60_57

His and Hers Vintage Raleigh (Eatons) Gliders

$T2eC16RHJF8E9nnC7Q3)BQz-H0TF3g~~60_57 $(KGrHqFHJF!FDHn!1RQhBQz-HhEP+!~~60_57 $T2eC16RHJHoE9n3Ke-PmBQz-I(IC1Q~~60_57 $(KGrHqZHJEEFDN6t2SSZBQz-IYTf8Q~~60_57 $(KGrHqVHJCUFCmuQ88eDBQz-H5!3yw~~60_57These Raleighs were made for the Eatons’ depatment store chain here in Canada and re-branded as Eatons Gliders.

Raleigh Fireball 5 Speeds

Two Raleigh Fireballs featuring the short lived 5 speed internal hub and the Twin Shift 5 stick shift.

When we were kids these shifters were known as “Nut Busters”.

Both bikes are currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

Vintage Raleigh on Kijiji

Yet Another 1972 Raleigh Superbe.

1972 must have been a good year for Raleigh in Canada as the ’72 model seems to be available in abundance lately. I picked this one up (from Kitchener) on Sunday as a Fathers’ Day gift for my Father-in-law.

The proper position for the shifter.

Nice paint and decals.

The Dynohub is intact and still works after 40 years!

And it even has the original Raleigh brand tires that need to be changed.

Brand New 1972 Raleigh Superbe

This Raleigh Superbe appears to have never been ridden and is in virtually brand new showroom floor condition. As such it’s a valuable restoration resource for the placement of decals and clips etc. Even the angle of the shifter seems factory set. It even comes with the original fork key. This bike would have retailed for approx. $104.00 in 1972, using the Bank of Canada’s Inflation Calculator, that works out to $550.00 to buy the same product today. The Superbe was always Raleigh’s top of the line model, and continues to hold it’s value.

Roncesvalles Street Bikes

An English (Raleigh) built 3 Speed Supercycle.

An interesting CCM Elan. English built with an optional Dyno-Hub front wheel and lights. I’ve only seen the Dynohub on Raleigh Superbes before.

Comprehensive information on Dynohubs can be found here.

Another Raleigh built Supercycle, single speed.

Note the cotter-pinned cranks.

Street Bikes

Old CCM…….

Raleigh 3 speed Ladies’ Sports.

Single speed Raleigh Tourist.

Vintage Eaton’s Glider by Raleigh

Although it’s not a 3 speed it’s still a very nice bicycle.

More Street Bikes/Vintage Raleigh

Some of the original orange paint can still be seen.

Rare 1967 Raleigh 5 Speed Sprite

A nice bike but @ $500.00 a bit overpriced.

1979 Chrome Raleigh Superbe

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Currently for sale @ $1500.00 plus shipping. According to the seller this was a display model used in Germany and Africa. Also note it’s fitted with a drum brake on the back wheel.

Triumph 3 Speed

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A late 60’s/early 70’s Triumph 3 speed currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

At this point in time Triumph Bicycles was owned by Raleigh.

More Street Bikes

A mid 60’s Raleigh Superbe complete with the Dyno Hub front wheel generator.

A Supercycle 3 speed , probably early 70’s.

A Supercycle branded headlight and sparkle bar tape.

An Eatons Glider, 3 speed of course.

A Columbia coaster.

And a 1958 CCM 3 speed.

More Raleigh Posters

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