Vintage 3 Speed Bicycles

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Vintage Victor Circa 1890

Spotted this one at the St. Lawrence Market last Sunday.

P1150071 P1150070 P1150073 1890_victor_bicycle_ad main

CCM Continental 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji ad, this one’s located near High Park with a very reasonable asking price of $160.00.

It won’t last long…

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CCM Galaxie 3 Speed

Here’s a clean example of a mid 60’s CCM Galaxie 3 speed offered at a very reasonable $100.00 on Toronto Kijiji.

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1956 Raleigh Sports

This one showed up today on Kijiji Toronto. The asking price is $450.00 or so and I’d be surprised if he gets any response considering the condition and the fact he says the gears don’t actually work….

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Refuse Pile Rescue

David writes:

The bike is a ’62. Looks like it spent many years outdoors before I found it. We had it as “garden art” in our back yard with flowers in the basket for probably 3 years. I started to tear it down to more easily dispose of it when I thought about building it up. I’m into vintage cars & it’s common to take an old car & modernize the mechanicals so I applied that to the bike. I regret that I had already thrown the fork out, but I cleaned up a rusty old chrome fork from another freebie & I don’t mind the look.

Newer head bearings & races, newer tapered crankshaft with older Sugino cranks & rings  (from a great bike shop in Guelph- Backpeddling), new 700 rims & tires, new drop bars. Just need to finish the brake pulls & cables to ride.
IMG_1677 IMG_1679IMG_1680IMG_1683

Classic SA Shifter

I’d still like to find one of these…

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Bikes on Kijiji

Here’s a couple of 3 speeds currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

A very clean Raleigh Superbe located in Newmarket for $225.00

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Next, a Raleigh built Eatons Glider with an asking price of $300.00.

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CCM Path Racer

My friend Hiep Pham put together this simple but elegant Path Racer from a bike he found in the trash.

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Eatons Glider 3 Speed

Another Glider on Kijiji Toronto priced at a reasonable $150.00.

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1967 Raleigh Sprite 5 Speed

A nice example here with the super cool throttle shifters.

Currently for sale in Niagara Falls, Canada @ $525.00 which sounds a little high but then, what’s $500.00 worth these days?

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Girls Don’t Like Guys with 3 Speed Bikes!

According to this ad from Bendix promoting their 2 speed kick back hub.



Raleigh Built Supercycle 3 Speed

Here’s another Kijiji Toronto item. Appears to be in very good condition but not sure of the price…

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Vintage 1972 Raleigh Carlton Glider 10-speed

Not a 3 speed but worthy of a mention. A nice clean. original bike at a reasonable price.

Currently available on Kijiji Toronto @ $160.00. The seller writes:

Vintage 1972 Raleigh Carlton Glider 10-speed road bike.

21.5-inch fully lugged and brazed frame made of TI-Raleigh proprietary 2030 high tensile tubing. Frame set made by Carlton in Worksop , England and bike assembled for Eatons by Raleigh in Nottingham. Chromed forks.
Sold by Eatons of Canada as a Raleigh “Truline Glider”.
Should fit a rider from 5’4″ to 5’9″ approx.

Most Eatons Gliders were single speed, 3-speed or 5-speed cruisers. This is one of the higher-end 10-speed racing models with Carlton frame and French and English drive parts.

Weinmann aluminum alloy brake levers with Carlton hoods
Weinmann aluminum alloy brake callipers – front and rear
Raleigh crank arms &
Raleigh chainrings (40 & 52 teeth)
Simplex front derailleur &
Simplex Prestige rear derailleur
Simplex gear levers and
GB aluminum alloy handlebar,
GB aluminum alloy handlebar stem

See many more pics of the bike here:

$_27-4,,5yttyty $_27-ddgrycz3 $_27-2apbfgt $_27-1tt5693 $_27pythrb $_27-4ffeef $_27-kk34563 $_278823-2 $_27kkrva-1 $_2q19j7


Hey Hipster! Raleigh Glider for Sale!

This is the banner that appeared on Kijiji for this Raleigh built 3 speed Glider offered @ $135.00.

3 speeds are now hip!



BSA Golden Clubman 3 Speed

Not sure what year this is but hope to find out…

Rod, lever and drum brakes!

It must weigh a ton! I was going to have a look at this one yesterday but it had already sold. Just as well, really as I have too many bikes as it is!!

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1938 Hercules Falcon Finale

Last photo of this one for the time being.
1938 Hercules Falcon
I’ve attached an older, broken in Wrights saddle that’s more period appropriate.

P1140930 P1140932


Bicycle Repair Manual

img_2685I’d like to fix this girl’s bike…

Vintage Miller Bicycle Generator Lights :

Originally posted on a new recyclist:

I know there are a lot of battery powered lights on the market, but you can’t beat the pedal powered dynamo for instant readiness and low maintenance. Having a backup battery “stand light” is a good idea though, for when you are stopped, if you ride in totally dark areas at night ( e.g. the Fernleigh Track ) especially.

Here are some of examples of generator (dynamo) lights from my grandfather’s collection of bicycle paraphernalia. They are made by Miller of Great Britain. The generator is a 6V  and 3.24W output. They still work, although the lamp reflectors have dimmed somewhat and perhaps the generator magnets have weakened over time. A modern light and dynamo like the Shimano dynohub / Busch and Muller Lumotec combo on my Gazelle gives brighter results with less pedalling effort.

The little button opens the light to access the bulb. This light is mounted upside…

View original 154 more words


Homemade Hub Shiners

Some leather and some inexpensive snaps and presto! Hub Shiners!

P1140916 P1140917 P1140921


Another Raleigh Superbe

This one appeared on Kijiji Hamilton today. Owner is asking $565.00….

It does have a factory installed battery pack option that I’ve not seen before as well as the Dynohub.

$_2lp07 $_dde27-1 $_jsk27-2 $_2aalow7-3 $_27-ccsc4superbe.jpg~originalmn9 dynos


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