Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles

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Two Crazy Bridgestones

A couple of Supercycle branded Bridgestones from the earl 70’s.


Below a Bridgestone Youngway (Japanese Version).



Another Eatons Glider

Reasonably priced at $160.00, this bike is currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.



1957 Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix

An interesting bike showed up today on Kijiji, Toronto. A modified 1957 Raleigh Lenton Grand Prix.

$_2bv7.JPG$_2dfsrye7.JPG$_2cvnzg7.JPG$_2cvzngfh67.JPG$_27 cxsr.JPG$_xfgae27.JPG$_2gflbn7.JPG


“A final variant of the Lenton was introduced in 1957. The Lenton Grand Prix, no. 7, had a derailleur gear as standard fit: a eight-speed Cyclo-Benelux Mark 7 with a 14T, 16T, 18T and 20T block and a Williams double 46T/49T chainring with a Benelux hand-control front changer. Alloy GB Sports brakes, Racelite large-flange hubs, a Brooks B15 Swallow saddle and Racelite hubs made for a high standard specification and warranted a “thoroughbred” pricing of 25 guineas. This was offered in a new colours: Silver Grey or Black with cream peak head and fitments or the familiar Lenton Green with Carmine peak head and fitments. The Grand Prix was made only in a gents frame. The 1960-61 models had a cable operated front derailleur instead of the rod-control.”

Owner is asking for best offer.


Below is a well preserved original example with the proper derailleurs.


z (1).gifz (1).gifAn interesting note:

John Lennon received a Lenton in 1952 as a gift for doing well at school.

CC 2010 John Lennon.jpg

John Lennon continued riding bikes when he moved to New York.




Another Bitsa

A Bitsa is a British term for something (usually a motorbike) that’s made from bits of this and bits of that….

I had  said I would tidy up a bike for a young woman that I work with.

She picked up a CCM 3 Speed from me last week and wanted to give her old bike to her mother. It turned out to be an odd Swedish bike, a Crescent. I ended up getting the bike about 80% back together before I realized that the frame was badly bent…..


A quick visit to George at Parts Unknown produced a very nice Ladies Norman bicycle circa 1960 (pre Raleigh). Anything useable was salvaged from the original bike and transfered, including the aluminum rims, stem and bars, basket,  etc.


I was able to salvage some useful 3 Speed parts from the Norman and transfer to some other projects.


The bike is currently set up with a coaster brake back wheel and a single front caliper. The chain guard is from an Eatons Glider.

Not a show bike but quite presentable


Just for Fun

A new ad on Kijiji Toronto today…

“Vintage Bike.

Do not need much to work.”




Eastman Windsor

This bike showed up on Kijiji, Toronto today at a very reasonable $35.00.

Listed as an on old English bicycle, it’s actually from India and would be the good basis for a vintage Path Racer.

28″ wheels, rod and lever brakes, drop bars and a double top tube!



Carlton Corsa Glider

This bike showed up on Kijiji this morning. A 1975 Eatons Glider 6 speed, hand built in the Carlton Workshop.


It sold in a matter of minutes. A very collectable bike that’s really a re-branded Carlton Corsa…



A catalogue page for the 1974 Carlton line. Not sure why there’s a guy in a dirty smock loading a shotgun….

This example recently sold in England for $600.00. Although Carlton was part of the Raleigh family their bicycles were still hand made for the most part.

DSCF9122 DSCF9123 DSCF9125 DSCF9126 DSCF9128 DSCF9129 DSCF9121 DSCF9132carltoncontinentalscan

From the web:

“The Corsa was an ordinary steel framed bike, with a steel, cotter pinned chainset. The wheels had chromed steel rims. The gears were by Huret. The brakes were centre pull Weinman. There was a sticker on the frame saying ‘TI Raleigh’ tubing. The forks were chromed on the bottom half – a desirable feature at the time.”


An Interesting Supercycle

Here’s a Raleigh built Supercycle for sale on Kijiji Toronto. A 3 speed hub with a coaster brake and caliper brakes as well. Priced at $225.00.$_27[1vcgzfry].jpg$_27xzdsrw[1].jpg$_27[vcgndf1].jpg$_27bcfzry[1].jpg .

1969 CCM Galaxie

A very clean example on Kijiji last summer

The project bike, donated by film maker Alan Zweig.

This Galaxie was given a quick makeover and turned into a nice little 3 speed roadster. I would normally leave the paint on a bike as found but this example was pretty rough as it had been left outside for the better part of 10-15 years. The original Sturmey Archer hub was replaced by one from Community Bicycle Network on Queen and the bars from Bike Pirates on Bloor.

The bike was sold (at cost) to Josh, a student of mine. He didn’t really like it so he brought it back and swapped it for another one. It then went to Alexandra (student) who was deported last year and once again, the bike came back.

This bike was originally owned by another film maker, Don Mckellor

and can be seen in his short film, Hot Chicks on Bikes.

The bike is currently in my possession again.

It’s going to a new home this weekend…..

and hopefully it’s story will continue.


Expensive But Interesting

Another Kijiji posting in Toronto. A vintage Ladies DL-1 Tourist from the late 1930’s.

Seller is asking a hefty $1300.00 but given the age, condition and overall completeness the price may not be that out of line.

$_27[ bvfgztrt1].jpg


The Quadrant Shifter was last used in 1938 along with the K hub.


A period Wrights composite saddle.



The paint and rims look good as well.


3 Speed Mohawk Mystery Bike

Steve T. brought this bike to my attention. Currently listed on Kijiji Toronto, an American built bike with British components and a Canadian flag as an emblem….


Mohawk bicycles appear to have been built by the H.P. Snyder Company out of Little Falls, New York.


This bike sports a Canadian flag on the front and I assume it was packaged as a line for a small Hardware Store  or a Department Store chain. The one piece crank is a clue to it’s North American origin.


From “American Standard Time”.

“Most Hawthorne bicycles were manufactured by either H.P. Snyder or the Cleveland Welding Company. Because these companies made bikes for many brands, most Hawthorne bicycles were virtually identical to models made for other retailers, but paint colors, sprocket style and brand badging were different. Many parts on bikes coming from the same manufacturer are interchangeable. Snyder also made bikes for Rollfast.”





Broken Bottom Bracket

I had hoped to turn this Canadian built Raleigh frame into a 3 speed Path Racer of sorts. It looked like a good candidate as it was tall and free….


As it turns out, it would not accept the adjustable cup on the BB and a closer inspection revealed that it was cracked in a couple of spots. Not sure what would have caused this (over tightening?). In any case it’s been scrapped. I saved the  forks and am looking for a new frame/project.



Farrah Likes Bikes !

untitled.pngBoth hands on the bars please…


Gliders Galore!

Two more Raleigh built Eatond Gliders for sale on Kijiji Toronto.


The green one is a tall single speed but a good candidate for a 3 speed conversion.



Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show 2016!

This year’s show is scheduled for July 24th at Trinity Bellwoods Park here in Toronto.

Keep posted for details.


For a look at last year’s show click here.




N.O.S Supercycle Pedals

These are for sale on Toronto Kijiji @ $20.00.



Eatons Glider

This one’s currently on Craigslist, Toronto. A mid 60’s Raleigh built Glider for Eatons Canada. Obviously needs some work but could be a good basis for a project. Owner is asking $150.00.



Toronto Kijiji Ads

A selection of recent Kijiji ads.


$_27-1.JPGA Raleigh built Eaton’s Glider for $100.00.


A very clean Raleigh Built Super Cycle for $220.00


$_27-4.JPG     Not sure what this is @ $200.00$_27.JPG



A Raleigh built Supercycle Twenty for $140.00.


Another Glider at $250.00$_27-6$_27-7$_27-8$_27-9A 1975 Raleigh LTD at $200.00.


$_27-13.JPG$_27-12.JPG$_27-14.JPG$_27-9.JPGAnd finally, a very clean Glider for $200.00.


Raleigh Built Eatons Glider

$_27[6].jpgThis one popped up on Kijiji last week. Not sure of the year but it has a AG 3 speed hub with a built in generator. Also appears to have a throttle style shifter, although I prefer the traditional trigger. Owner is asking $120.00


3 Speed Skyline

What I believe to be an Austrian built Skyline 3 speed with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub and trigger. These were sold through the old Consumers Distributing Company here in Canada. This one is currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto with an asking price of $190.00, which is not unreasonable when you consider the overall condition.



1978 Raleigh Superbe


Here’s another one recently listed on Kijiji Toronto.

A 23″ frame with an asking price of $280.00. This could be a Canadian built bike.



1971 Raleigh Superbe

Another Kijiji Toronto listing. This one appears to be very clean and complete.

Seller is asking $370.00 and he has the fork key.



Happy Valentines Day



Indoor Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show

February 20/2016 Brantford Ontario.

This is the 3rd Annual Indoor Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show & Swap,here in Brantford on Febuary 20/16 at 100 Market St South,1 block south of the Brantford Charity Casino,this event is the place to bring your bicycles to show or sell,all parts anything vintage bicycle related.There will be bikes from 1890s to the 1960s Muscle Bike era,ie CCM;Mustang ,Raleigh Fastback 100,Highwheel to early wooden wheel bicycles.Please bring your own tables, chairs etc.Start collecting your items,and if you can Spread the Good Word on this unique event,many seasoned collectors will be present to help or advise you in your quest to find that part or restoration.Admission is 5$ and 10$ for vendors, 7am- 4pm.The Big event coming as well is the 2016 15th Annual Canadian Vintage Bicycle Show,the CVBS15 is on Sunday June 26/16 at Heritage View Farm,Brantford,Not to be missed!Hope to see you there.Thanks

1973 Raleigh Superbe

This one’s for sale on Kijiji Toronto @ $350.00 or best offer.

Very clean and original. This is one of the nicest I’ve seen.



Save Rubber!



AMF Hercules Bicycles

AMF, American Machine and Foundry were distributors of British built Hercules bicycles in the 1960’s. A small AMF decal was applied to the chaincase.





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