Vintage 3 Speed Bicycles

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CCM Imperial Mark II

This popped up on Kijiji Toronto today @ $150.00.

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1937 Falcon Update

I think I’m finished with this for now.

I re routed the gear cable through a fulcrum and a cable guide, put on some vintage block pedals and a bell.

P1140802 P1140799 P1140800 P1140801The paint looks pretty rough under the camera flash but not so bad in person. We call it a patina…

Now I just need the weather to co operate….

20101214-GTSS1Snow storm, 1944. The Falcon was already 7 years old by this point.


Positive Experience at Urbane Cyclist

In the past I have met with resistance at some of the bike shops here in Toronto  when it comes to vintage bikes, but I want to relate a positive experience I had today with

Urbane Cyclist on John St.

Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-op Bicycle Store | 180 John St. Toronto M5T 1X5
Your Search: “sturmey archer” – Urbane Cyclist Bicycle Store | Toronto M5T 1X5
Looking at their website, they had a page of Sturmey Archer parts and the elusive Fulcrum Stop was listed as in stock. it’s the only thing I need to complete my 1937 Hercules Falcon. I made the trek downtown and although the Parts Manager assured me he had some (27 in stock) he couldn’t find them….
He just called me to say that they’d been located and would put a couple aside for pick up. This was a fair bit of work for a $2.00 part!
They also carry the correct size cotter pins.
Martin at Hoop Driver on College is also very helpful.
Hoopdriver Bicycles ? Distinctive Urban and Touring Bicycles


Damn Inflation!!

This Schwinn ad from 1967 lists the Ram’s Horn Fastback at $71.95. This same bike would cost $510.00 today!



1938 Hercules Falcon Update

I’ve given the bike a quick makeover.

P1140744 P1140739I’ve sapped out the fenders for some vintage Bluemel’s mini fenders, flipped the bars and added a brooks saddle. I’ve also replaced the plastic faced trigger with an all metal one from the mid 1950’s.

The bike has been altered (for the better) over the years so I have no guilt in trying to preserve it’s originality. The frame (especially the top bar) is rough but I don’t mind. NOS Weinmann 730 brakes were put on at some point and the wheelset is dated 1967.


It’s what we used to call a “Bitsa” bits from one bike and bits from another….

The bike also came with a vintage Apex Ultra-lite hand pump.

P1140749 P1140752

The stem is GB.


I still want to re route the gear cable over a pulley on the seat tube but need to get one little part.

The elusive Fulcrum Stop!!!

fulcrum2I suspect that George from Parts Unknown will have one.

I’d like to find an original chain ring as well.

Although looking at the catalogue pages below, the current chain ring looks to be original.

Also the bikes came with a 50 year guarantee, which would have expired in 1988!

Hercules Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.40.10 AM 5745856123_a1acc26683_o Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.36.23 AM Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.36.40 AM 8212494372_4ed7c88299_o(1) Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 9.37.15 AM



1938 Hercules Falcon

It would appear that this bike was well documented by it’s previous owner, Tom. Some of his photos below as well as some vintage ephemera…

9650462248_5afef51112_k 13904448462_d88bbb2149 5962121450_7161a20136_o 1_d9b6c00cf456e37e3f7e8069754bb3c5 6128612006_d231eb8e15_b $_12 6285722655_f149e0d73a_b 6285716407_2cd8a2b29e_b 6285752847_3cb491eec8_b 5739320447_c379caa449_o Hercules 5745856123_a1acc26683_o 5739970424_43712d7e4e_o 8212494372_4ed7c88299_o 5327734033_657627ea2a_o 4169657638_0287b5b93f_o


New Project

This one came in today. A 1938 Hercules Falcon. The frame and fenders are original while the wheels are dated 1967 and there are some modern NOS brakes as well as new tires. It came without the leather saddle but the pump was included!  I’ve got a plan to turn out another Path Racer…

13904448462_d88bbb2149More info to follow.


Indicator Chain Adjustment

Sometimes the indicator chain has been switched (there were a few versions) but as a rule of thumb, this generally works.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 4.26.46 PM


A Bevy of Bikes

Reader Basil S. writes:

1)pic 023) My first Nottingham built Raleigh Superbe was found behind a factory in the Niagara area. Left by owner’s wife years ago, It was 100% complete, but had been left outside so long, there were bee’s nests in the handlebars and vines growing through the spokes. After oiling the chain, the original tires held air,and I rode it for a few laps. I think it date codes as a 1973.

2)pic 050) Around 40 hours were spent to restore this. We bought all the new parts at “Vintage Velo” in Paris, Ont.  We replaced the chain, 22T rear sprocket, cables, and new Schalwbe tires and tubes. this cost about $150.00 inc. tax. NOTHING was repainted. All ‘patina” was left as found, I just compounded all the painted surfaces, polished all the rust off the pitted chrome, and sanded every spoke till they shined.

3)pic DSC1836) All the lights work. The mice ate the seat liner, and the grips need changed. This one’s ridden daily as a single mother’s grocery getter and transportation. It needs a respoke now. there are three broken spokes in the rear wheel.
4)pic DSC1831) This Gazelle was my friend’s mother in law’s. She went back home to Holland for a summer after she retired, and bought it there, rode it around, and had it shipped home in 1985.
Again, needed nothing other than air to be rideable.
5)pic 277)After the standard refit of a 22T rear sprocket, and all white 28″ Schwalbes, new grips and a newer used seat were added. I found the saddlebags at the vintage bike show in Brantford. I ride this almost daily.
6)pic 391)My daughter’s Raleigh was purchased for $60 bucks at the Brantford vintage bike show. complete and rideable, it codes out as a Canadian built Raleigh Superbe. It was missing the lights, and the fenders were wrong. we swapped out Eaton’s Glider chrome fenders, polished every surface, and fitted cables, tires, chain, etc. She added a Nantucket basket. The seat, grips, bell, and valve stem caps all have the matching owl theme. She rides it almost daily with her basket full of groceries.
7)picDSC 3330) I found this 1977 Canadian made Raleigh Sports on Kijiji. It doesn’t have a scratch on it, and everything is original. The light takes D cell batteries.
8)pic DSC3328) Look at how perfect the seat is!
023 050 277 391 DSC_1831 DSC_1836 DSC_3328 DSC_3330A nice collection and thank you for sharing.

Scrap Metal Challenge: DIY Bike Wheel Truing Stand

greg chown:

Here’s an inexpensive home made truing stand.

Please click on the original post below for all the details.

Originally posted on tuckamoredew:

After the apparent success of my DIY wheel dishing tool I decided to take on the next obvious project: a wheel truing stand.  I currently have seven bikes. That makes 14 wheels to maintain not counting  the bikes of my other family members. I could do this at the local bike co-op but it is often not convenient for me to get down to that end of the city.  I’ve trued  wheels while they are on the bike but it isn’t as easy as using a stand. The commercially available stands I’ve seen start at about $80 for the cheaper ones and are more than $200.00 for  a good one. Naturally,  a DIY version appeals to my frugal soul.

As an exercise in re-purposing I  decided to build it as much as possible from scrap metal  parts I could salvage from the scrap bin at work. This proved to be…

View original 170 more words


Correct Trigger Position


pic-517I like to position mine as close to the brake lever as possible and parallel to the ground (flat).



3 Speed CCM Imperial Mark IV

This showed up on Kjiji Hamilton today @ $160.00.

A mid 60’s CCM Imperial Mark IV with a Life Long Guarantee!

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New Parkdale Bike Shop

This repair shop opened last week on MacDonell just north of Queen Street West.

Parkdale Bicycle Shop



3 Speed Schwinn Metro Cycle

$_qqax20-1 $(KGrHqV,!qMFH94BwplvBR+771wHVw~~48_20 $_2.,2870-2 $_2qq;;pp0-4 $_2quebt0-5 $_20uuut-6 $_20-ssqlio7 1978_schwinn_metro_cycle 1978_21This one’s for sale in Hanover Ontario for $299.00 on Kijiji.


3 Speed Glider Mustang For Sale

Reader Bill W. writes:
Hi there. I happened to come through Trinity Bellwoods last year on my way to an appointment and was pleasantly surprised to stumble onto the vintage bike show. I didn’t have a lot of time to take it in but I noticed a couple of the exhibitors had some vintage mustang type bikes. I have my 1967 Glider mustang style bike. It’s pretty much in original condition. I need to find a home for it and thought maybe one of the exhibitors at the show might be interested in adding it to their collection. It is a unique bike. Do you have contact info you might be willing to share? Thanks. Bill

2014-07-27 17.16.37 2014-07-27 17.18.56 2014-07-27 17.20.12 chainguardIf anyone is interested in this bike contact Bill:

Bike is located in the Toronto area.

I’m not sure what to call these bikes…

Monkey Bike? Banana Bike? Chopper Bike?

princess$59.99 was a LOT of money back in 1969!

$372.00 today.


Who Likes Bikes?

00t0t_bVVgA2BHXq0_600x450This guy!


Community Bicycle Network Clear Out Sale

Screen shot 2015-01-22 at 10.18.43 AMPlease come out and show your support. I know they have a couple of 3 speeds for sale!


Robin Hood Sherwood Arrow

Saw this one on Kijiji Kitchener. A Robin Hood Sherwood Arrow, year unknown but I suspect early 1950’s.

$_2alq0 $_20::e-1 $_20-??aA2 $_20-??aA2 $_2qqsw30-3From The Three Speed Hub

the 1950 Raleigh Parts Calalogue

Raleigh-SparePartsList-1950-UK Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.30.02 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.32.45 PM


Raleigh Ad 1951

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 10.59.12 AMThis Raleigh Sports Tourist priced at $63.75 in 1951 would still cost $560.00 in today’s money!

The illustrated bicycle above, shows the Dynohub mounted on the left side. This page from the catalogue shows it on the right.

raleigh-superbeI believe the right side is correct.


Two More Gliders

A viewer has sent me some photos of a pair of his and hers Raleigh built Gliders that were recently purchased.

Dated 1972.

screen-shot-2015-01-03-at-12-17-37-pm 20 tumblr_nh993qrfuk1qioecto2_r1_1280


Interesting Copper Bicycle

Posted on Kijiji Toronto for $2000.00. This copper plated bike has a 2 speed kickback hub and coaster brake.

$_2qa10-6 $_20rou-7 $_20qpoc-1 $_09m20-5 $_mmnh20-2 $_2pplo0-3 $_2aal0-4 red-sturmey-2-speed


Happy Holidays!

Thank you to everyone that follows this blog. Thank you for your contributions and comments and thank you for embracing vintage cycling!

img 286 img-1 SpikeTyke016-036Santa on Bicycle with Two Boys Running 425x367x931.jpg.pagespeed.ic.PTNqv5MKjq images


British Made Indian 3 Speeds

indian-bike-shop-copy 1951_indian_scout_advertA good article here on British made Indian bicycles.

The Princess was the girls version and for the boys. the Indian Scout.

20104100_1_lThese were made in England by Phillips for the U.S. market and branded Indian.

1951_Indian_Scout_9 indian_scout_and_princess


A good photo essay on an Indian Princess restoration.


1962 3 Speed Schwinn Traveler

This bike is for sale in Hamilton at Downtown Bike Hounds for $400.00.

$_jje0-7 $_;;2210-1 $_20ppmy-2 $_paare0-3 $_1100-4 $_77640-5 $_lloa0-6 1960-schwinn-traveler$67.00 in 1960 works out to $535.00 today.

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 8.44.14 AM 1960-schwinn-corvette


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