Vintage 3 Speed English Bicycles

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Bridgestone Youngway

It turns out that this bike is indeed a Bridgestone Youngway.

The store that I bought it from decided to remove all of the lights and horns etc and threw them in the garbage!

Although I quite liked this bicycle It was too small for me so I gave it to a young woman I work with who will get more use out of it.

p1090101 3306047312_8d09bb1287_bIt originally would have looked something like this.

ae8d2db1e433feb11d513193475581f9df774b04The used bike shop that I bought it from decided that all of the lights and racks etc. were not an incentive so stripped the bike and threw it all in the garbage…..

The bike below just showed up on Kijiji Toronto.

The same bike re-branded as a Supercycle for Canadian Tire.

$T2eC16JHJHkFFl8oIWy0BRhTW,k!Ow~~48_20 $(KGrHqZHJEEFE3rBbYLDBRhTWkcv-Q~~48_20 $T2eC16JHJIIE9qTYI65WBRhTYEfu(!~~48_20 $T2eC16F,!)0E9s37FbL2BRhTYOI7Tg~~48_203306039006_74e60baa71_zAnother Supercycle branded Bridgestone seen on the street yesterday.

P1100849 P11008501c954_GD_10-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail179871-12155 5de89_GD_12-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail fea64_GD_13-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail ac5a0_GD_11-1.jpg.0x497_q85_detail


Tricked Out CCM

Not a 3 speed but still an interesting bike. Year unknown (to me) but this bike has a lot of vintage accessories.

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I’m not sure what this thing on the front wheel is….There’s a generator on the back wheel.

Someone on For the Love of English Three Speeds

says it’s a wheel driven bell.

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Modified Raleigh Tourist

I found this one on another good Three Speed Blog

Old Three Speed Gallery

Path racer 2 009Path racer 2 022Path racer 2 018

The full story here.

Jon, the builder of this custom Path Racer writes:

  HEY! That’s MY path racer replica. I built it in my apartment while living in South Carolina.   It’s based on a ’78 DL-1 Tourist frame, but I wanted to get an English ‘path bike vibe’ with the look. This frame geometry dates from the early 1900s, but it needed drop bars, no fenders and the elaborate brake linkage gone.   To do that, I used a big-diameter 53-tooth Williams chainwheel with cottered Williams crank arms (someone suggested they might be from a British folder from the ’60’s), and ’60’s Raleigh rat-trap pedals. To clean up the overall look and get closer to a racer configuration, I had a Sturmey Archer SC-3 coaster hub laced into a DL-1 rear rim; both wheels had their rims bead-blasted and were powder-coated black. The front brake is a stock stirrup connected to a Raleigh accessory front lever, probably from the 1920’s or ’30’s.  These components allowed me to build the bike without the traditional rod-brake set-up, which typically integrates with the handlebars. The shifter is a Sturmey Archer top bar unit, probably late-’20’s. Bars, when these photos were taken, were inverted Raleigh Sports bars on a Raleigh quill stem from the ’50’s, but I have changed over to a GB stem and shallow-drop moustache bars, probably from a postwar American fat-tire bike; I thought they had more of a “Lauterwasser” look. I bead-blasted the bars and added cork grips. Back then it had  Schwalbe Delta Cruisers, but I swapped in a set of ivory Ralson (India) block-tread tires from Brothers Rich in Baltimore, as well as Woods valves with knurled caps and retainer chains. This bike gets compliments whenever I bring it to group rides; someone always asks “What year is that?”, and I reply that it depends on which part. they mean . As you can imagine, its not a great climber, but for an old crock it’s actually pretty fast- I sprinted through one of those ‘your speed’ radar speed limit signs last week and got up to 35 mph. Attached are some images of it in current state. It and my other DL-1s are on my  Pinterest page ‘Big Brit Roadsters’


Modified Raleigh Tourist.

Modified Raleigh Tourist.
Bought this one in Hamilton Ontario last month just
to have a bike to ride around while I was working there. Someone had removed the rod brakes and replaced with a Shimano coaster hub and an old Canadian 28 x 1 1/2 rear wheel. I worked on it today and it cleaned up real nice. Steering was tight and found an extra bearing top and bottom.



Polish or Czech 3 Speed?

$_2vczgzfhsg7Not sure about this one but I’ve seen this brand before. Listed on Kijiji Toronto at a reasonable $110.00.

I’m pretty sure it has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub. Could be a Rapido brand bike.

$_xcdfhsty27 $_ nbjliu9927 $_27asgn


1971 Raleigh Superbe Restoration Project by Basil S.

Three Speed Mania follower Basil S. purchased this Raleigh Superbe at the Brantford show this summer. He is in the process of restoring the bike and has sent some “before” photos. Progress photos and hopefully some text from Basil will follow. I’m posting this using a PC so I’m not sure how to rotate the photos.

Basil writes:

“I recently finished cleaning up my Raleigh that I bought at the Brantford vintage bicycle show. I grabbed an Eaton’s Glider, and a CCM Elan as well, all equipped with S/A three speed hub, of course!
Here’s some “before” shots. The superbe was as bad as I’ve seen.
I’ll send this email, and follow up with another email of my “after” shots.
best regards, Baz”








20150705_184203 20150705_183947





20150705_184022 20150705_183947 20150705_184159 20150705_162557 20150705_184046


20150823_181716 20150823_181751 20150823_181811 20150823_181946


Basil writes:

 I guess I should backtrack. I think your blog is very informative, and I was a little miffed at the VW comments and “boring” remarks you received and subsequently posted, so I thought I’d send you some fresh meat…Thanks for posting my pictures. If you want MORE, I got at least three Eaton’s gliders that will be rainy day projects. A 1970 and a 74 small frame mens, and a ladies early seventies with a white brooks matress saddle. I love the gliders, because the chrome “Raleigh” fenders, and superbe block pedals came on these models. I wish they had “endrick” rims, though…

The next one I will do will be the men’s 1970. I think I’ll use a spare Raleigh dyno front hub I have been sitting on, and I have a spare Raleigh crank and a superbe rear carrier, this time I’ll use gumwalls instead of Schwalbe whitewalls for a change.
I switched the painted fenders on my superbe and installed chromies liberated from an Eaton’s Glider.  Much prettier!

1979 Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

  • I persuaded a co worker of mine to take the vintage 3 speed plunge and he bought this 1979 Raleigh Sports yesterday, ($70.00 CDN). Very complete and restorable. I’m hoping he’ll document the restoration and send me photos of the progress.

    P1170864 P1170865 P1170866 


Raleigh Bitsa Coaster Update

I think I’m done with this one for now. I’ll revisit it when time and parts permit. I haven’t had a coaster bike since I was 7 years old but I quite like it’s simplicity. It’s called a Bitsa because it’s Bits of this and Bits of that…

P1170770 P1170771

Last post on this one until I find a 28″ front wheel. I’ll probably add a front caliper brake as well (recommended). The saddle is a well worn and broken in leather, Japanese Speedic. Total cost of this project is about $60.00 Canadian so about $45.00 U.S. Please ignore the rabid cat in the background.

P1170775 P1170774

Taking the advice of another vintage bicycle enthusiast, I’ve added a front caliper brake to this project. It’s an old Raleigh brake with an old CCM lever. Not pretty but at least the bike stops!

P1170834 P1170831

  • I can’t leave this one alone. I managed to find an old clean 28″ rim that would accomodate caliper brakes from George at Parts Unknown. Another George at Parkdale Bicycles had a tire that would fit . So for now the bike is complete. I had no idea how confusing tire sizes could be. Most of my bikes are British 3 speeds and take the standard 26″ tire. This rim was marked 28 x 1 1/2 ” Canadian size.

    P1170858 P1170860 P1170862 P1170872

    I had the bike out on Sunday for a good ride around the city and quite liked it…

73 Supercycle 3 Speed Project Update

This bike belongs to a friend at work. He bought a house last year and the bike was left behind in the garage. It looked to be in a sorry state. After disassembly and a good clean it appears that the bike has spent most of it’s life unridden.. Originally equipped with a Shimano 333 hub I plan to replace with a Sturmey Archer rear wheel. I’ve posted about these bikes before.

A strange CCM/Supercycle hybrid.

Work continues.

P1170203 P1170205 P1170207P1170208 P1170210 P1170211 P1170212After dis assembly it became clear that this was a very low mileage bicycle and had spent most of it’s 40 yeras stashed in a gararge. I decided to leave the Shimano 333 hub on the bike to preserve it’s originality.Other than time, the only costs on this one was $40.00. two new tires and a chain. The photos don’t capture the true colour.


1957 CCM 3 Speed For Sale

Here’s one that showed up today on Kijiji Toronto@ $295.00.

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Anther Raleigh Superbe

Seen on Toronto Kijiji at a very reasonable $159.00!

$ghj_27 $_2nkf7 $jdtyusr67_27


1965 CCM Mustang



Mean M****ster Mustard

Three Speed Mania has managed to attract a Cyber-Bully! Albert M., a Ham radio operator from Pennsylvania is unhappy with the current format of Three Speed Mania and would like me to post reader’s submissions, which I often do. Albert M. started following this blog in April of this year. His first comment was in regard to a photo of a customized VW.


Albert  M. writes:

“It’s best that you keep to bicycles. Also as one who has worked for VW dealerships in the 1960’s and is very familiar with VW Bugs, I can say with some authority that the jerk who modified the car’s suspension has created a death-trap vehicle. Again stay with bikes. “

He was a little aggressive but I encourage discussion and approved the comment.

Last week I received this comment and dismissed it as I thought it was spam.

“Your site is very boring! You present the same sort of crap over and over again. Is it beyond your your intellectual capacity to figure out that you should accept submissions from other 3-speed devotees?”

This morning I received another negative and aggressive comment and decided to do some digging.

 Your site is getting to be extremely boring. You present the same sort of 3-speeds over and over. Have considered asking for submissions or would this threaten your adolescent ego?       Al

I’m not sure what his angle is but he’s certainly not going about it the right way. There’s no need  for a man in his 70’s to be so mein.


1974 3 Speed Eatons Glider

  • I thought I’d document this 1974 Raleigh built Eatons Glider before I do any work. It appears to be a very original bike with minimal use over the last 42 years. It’s a good reference for cable routing and placement of the cable retainers. The tires are the original Canadian made Dunlops and the shifter was mounted in a flattened position. The work will be basic, repacking the bearings, replacing the tires and brake pads and general adjustments. It will be going to a former student who had her bike stolen last month….

    P1170813 P1170816 P1170817 P1170823 P1170819 P1170825 P1170824

    A page from the 1975 Eatons catalogue.


    Using the inflation calculator, $89.99 converts to $395.00 today.

Tall Cool Raleigh in a Black Dress

Yet another Kijiji post. Seller is asking $300.00 for this one. Not sure if they were ever offered in black, so it could be a re spray.

$_[807youjnh27 $_xdfgsyt8i27-3 $_27- bcmjkkl08tfm4 $_2709oikmnre-1 $_27-23rht,k5 $_27trng b-2.


1964 Eatons Glider 3 Speed

  • Also found at Parts Unknown this winged Glider chain guard. Not sure if I’ll keep it on this bike (1964 Glider), but I’ll try it for a while.

    P1170315 P1170316


3 Speeed Hercules Update

  • Final post on this one.
    1971 Hercules
    I did re route the gear cable through a fulcrum stop and pulley (Fulcrum courtesy of George at Parts Unknown at the foot of Fraser Ave here in Toronto).
    Restored the original fenders and chain guard and pushed the saddle bags back a bit as they were interfering with both the indicator chain and the back of my foot as I peddled…

    • Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.23.03 AM P1170311 P1170312 P1170309


Nothing To Do With Bicycles..

These are static images….



Tricked Out CCM Galaxie 3 Speed

Another Kijiji bike for sale here in Toronto.

Priced at a very reasonable $135.00. A mid 60’s CCM Galaxie 3 speed with the rare S/A throttle shifter.

m, k $_27-3 $_27-5 $_27-2 $_27-1 $_27-7 $_27-6 $_27-4


Yet Another Project

Someone at work gave me this old Raleigh frame and I thought I’d put a quick 3 speed Path Racer together from some spare parts i have in the shed. I stopped in to see George at Parts Unknown yesterday for a new (vintage) Raleigh crank set
and spotted an interesting coaster brake wheel that I bought. I can’t find too much info on the Bayliss Wiley company but it would suggest the wheel is quite old.The bike is coming along and I just need a few things to finish it off. The hub has a nice metal oil port as well. he front wheel is a 26″ SA rim but may swap out for a 28″ if I find one.




1960’s Oxford 3 Speed

Exact year unknown. Probably a re branded Raleigh for a hardware or dept store chain.

$_27 (2)$_27

$_27 (5)

$_27 (3)

$_27 (4)

NOS 3 Speed Parts in Canada

This guy in BC has a good stock of vintage NOS parts at reasonable prices.

Bike Wizard by Ozz


2015 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

Dandyhorse published an online article about the show with some great photos.


The Parkdale Villager also covered the event.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.32.35 AM

1968 Raleigh Sports

This one has been on Kijiji Toronto for a while. Priced at $275.00, it’s not unreasonable considering it has a leather saddle and a tall frame.

$_jhlt927 $_2Suyi7-1 $_2 bmnkjlo7-2 $_2kl;ytruy7-3

1971 Hercules 3 Speed Update

Gone as far as I can on this one for now. I’ve added some saddle bags and just a general clean up and repacking of the bearings. I was going to route the gear cable over a pulley (installed) but didn’t have a fullcrum clip of the right diameter.

The pump is from the dollar store…

P1170263 P1170264 P1170267

  • Total cost to date: Bike @ $80.00, New tires @ $30.00, new chain @ $10.00, NOS pedals @ $5.00, new shifter cable @ $8.00, new bearings @ $2.00, vintage saddlebags @ $25.00 = $155.00.

Raleigh Sports Tourist

Another Kijiji bike that showed up last week. A reasonably complete Sports Tourist (missing fenders).

The seller is asking $525.00!

$_2wert7 $_27-ltf7$_27-dftryi893$_27-cbjhfhr5$_27sdfs875wu-8$_27dfo0wk-1$_2zgfhop9k7-4$_sFgdht6827-9$_yp089t7f7d27-6$_2vxhgu7-2

Thank You!

To everyone that participated in this year’s show.

Photos to follow.

Vintage-bike-show-IMG_0496P1170218 P1170221 P1170222 P1170224 P1170226 P1170230 P1170232 P1170234 P1170238 P1170239 P1170242 P1170243 P1170245 P1170247 P1170249 P1170251 P1170253 P1170255

1971 Hercules 3 Speed Progress.

I’m making some progress on this one. Disassembled and cleaned. The bottom bracket has been re packed and new tires installed. I’m hoping to find a few parts at the bike show tomorrow to complete.I’m always on the look out for those mini fenders…

P1170183 P1170184 P1170186 P1170187 P1170189 P1170191

The Future Has Arrived!

Now available, Digital Paper!!!

What does this even mean…..?



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