Vintage 3 Speed Bicycles

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Thank You!

To everyone that participated in this year’s show.

Photos to follow.

Vintage-bike-show-IMG_0496P1170218 P1170221 P1170222 P1170224 P1170226 P1170230 P1170232 P1170234 P1170238 P1170239 P1170242 P1170243 P1170245 P1170247 P1170249 P1170251 P1170253 P1170255

73 Supercycle 3 Speed Project

This bike belongs to a friend at work. He bought a house last year and the bike was left behind in the garage. It looked to be in a sorry state. After disassembly and a good clean it appears that the bike has spent most of it’s life unridden.. Originally equipped with a Shimano 333 hub I plan to replace with a Sturmey Archer rear wheel. I’ve posted about these bikes before.

A strange CCM/Supercycle hybrid.

Work continues.

P1170203 P1170205 P1170207P1170208 P1170210 P1170211 P1170212

1971 Hercules 3 Speed Progress.

I’m making some progress on this one. Disassembled and cleaned. The bottom bracket has been re packed and new tires installed. I’m hoping to find a few parts at the bike show tomorrow to complete.I’m always on the look out for those mini fenders…

P1170183 P1170184 P1170186 P1170187 P1170189 P1170191

The Future Has Arrived!

Now available, Digital Paper!!!

What does this even mean…..?


Tall Cool Black Raleigh Superbe

Yet another Kijiji post. Seller is asking $300.00 for this one. Not sure if they were ever offered in black, so it could be a re spray.

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Spotted in Paris Last Week

Not sure the brands of these two, but good looking’ vintage bicycles.P1150938 P1150939 P1150940 P1150980 P1150981 P1150982

CCM Sabre 3 Speed

Another post on Kijiji Toronto. Seller is asking $150.00.

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Super Raleigh Superbe

A very well priced Raleigh Superbe for sale on Toronto Kijiji. The owner is asking $90.00. It’s worth that much just in parts!

It even has a Dynohub! Won’t last long.

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3 Speed Glider

This tall men’s bike was on Kijiji Toronto last week at a reasonable price.

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New Purchase/1971 Hercules 3 Speed

Picked up a somewhat ratty Hercules 3 speed the other day at a reasonable price ($80.00) The hub is poorly stamped but looks like 1971. Here are the before pictures. It has a Japanese “Speedic” leather saddle as well.

P1150851 P1150846 P1150845 P1150848 P1150843

Cool Cars in Toronto

Originally posted on Lost Toronto:

Spotted this vintage VW Beetle on Roncesvalles today. Complete with period correct accessories.


View original

Raleigh Superbe for Sale/Toronto

This one showed up today on Kijiji Toronto. Priced at $350.00 i don’t think it will last too long.

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Raleigh Laurentian 3 Speed

I think that this bike was made specifically for the Canadian market. Here’s a good example currently offered on Kijiji Toronto at a reasonable $140.00.

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Vintage Cleveland Bicycle at Aberfoyle

P1150450 P1150451 P1150452 P1150453 P1150454 Cleveland bicycle circa 1898. The Smithsonian has one it it’s collection.

More on Cleveland bicycles here.



Crazy Rat Bike

My neighbour Dan, put together this Rat Bike from a CCM Rambler and his parts bin. The massive chainring is from an old exercise bike. It takes a while to wind up to speed…

P1150466 P1150469 P1150471 P1150472 P1150474 P1150476 P1150478

Vintage Norman 3 Speed

Can’t remember where I saw this one….

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His and Hers Bicycles

Ads often pop up for His and Hers bicycles for sale. Couples often buy them together with the intent of getting out and more active. More often than not, it’s not the case. Before I was bitten by the 3 speed bug I bought a pair of Linus Gastons for my wife and myself.  Later, I bought a Ladies Superbe for my wife but she didn’t care for it and I sold it at the bike show. I also found a nice pair of His and Hers Raleigh Superbes for my Father-in law and his girlfriend as well.


Vintage Victor Circa 1890

Spotted this one at the St. Lawrence Market last Sunday.

P1150071 P1150070 P1150073 1890_victor_bicycle_ad main

CCM Continental 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji ad, this one’s located near High Park with a very reasonable asking price of $160.00.

It won’t last long…

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CCM Galaxie 3 Speed

Here’s a clean example of a mid 60’s CCM Galaxie 3 speed offered at a very reasonable $100.00 on Toronto Kijiji.

$_27 $_27-3 $_27-4 $_27-5 $_27-6 $_27-2

1956 Raleigh Sports

This one showed up today on Kijiji Toronto. The asking price is $450.00 or so and I’d be surprised if he gets any response considering the condition and the fact he says the gears don’t actually work….

$_27-8 $_27-2 $_27-5$_27-6 $_27-1 $_27-7 $_27 $_27-4 $_27-3

Refuse Pile Rescue

David writes:

The bike is a ’62. Looks like it spent many years outdoors before I found it. We had it as “garden art” in our back yard with flowers in the basket for probably 3 years. I started to tear it down to more easily dispose of it when I thought about building it up. I’m into vintage cars & it’s common to take an old car & modernize the mechanicals so I applied that to the bike. I regret that I had already thrown the fork out, but I cleaned up a rusty old chrome fork from another freebie & I don’t mind the look.

Newer head bearings & races, newer tapered crankshaft with older Sugino cranks & rings  (from a great bike shop in Guelph- Backpeddling), new 700 rims & tires, new drop bars. Just need to finish the brake pulls & cables to ride.
IMG_1677 IMG_1679IMG_1680IMG_1683

Classic SA Shifter

I’d still like to find one of these…

$_57-1 $_57

Bikes on Kijiji

Here’s a couple of 3 speeds currently for sale on Kijiji Toronto.

A very clean Raleigh Superbe located in Newmarket for $225.00

$_2l43357-8 $_2kddhgfd7-9

Next, a Raleigh built Eatons Glider with an asking price of $300.00.

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