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It’s Almost Here!

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1975 Raleigh Sports

This one’s gone to a new home. Sold at cost to a young woman I work with.

Earlier this summer she’d bought this bike. A 1969 CCM Galaxie.


The Galaxie went to her room mate and she traded up to the Raleigh.

Picked this one up today for a reasonable $100.00 (CDN). The young lady I bought from was moving and wants to buy something more modern.


She told me that she’d gotten the bike from a friend’s grandmother and once I started to clean it up I believe her. One clue is the trigger in the flattened position as shipped from the factory. Also the cables and clips are all original and the paint is cleaning up nicely.


The tires were replaced last year and the mechanic had put the front wheel on backwards as the bearing adjuster had backed out quite a bit.

Not sure what I’m going to do with this but I’m sure it will find a good home.

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More Bike Show Photos

It’s too bad that the grass was so dry this year…

P1000230.JPGP1000242.JPGP1000234.JPGP1000232.JPGP1000235.JPGMore photos from the show can be found on the

CBN Facebook page.


Another Great Bike Show!



Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show


bike show 2016.png

Getting the fleet ready for the show!



1975 Raleigh Sports Update

I gave this one a quick cleanup, repacked all the bearings and replaced the brake cables.

Total cost to date:

Purchase @ $100.00

Two cables @ $6.00

Master link @ $5.00


It has the short lived self adjusting brake levers that do seem overly complicated.

The only other thing I want to do is replace the brake pads.



Raleigh 3 Speed Tourist For Sale

A new Toronto Kijiji posting with the seller asking $400.00 or best offer.



Bike Show 2016!

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Interesting Raleigh 3 Speed

Blog reader Steve T. brought this one to my attention. Advertised on Kijiji close to Kingston.


A mid to late 50’s Raleigh with US Army markings.


I suspect the headlamp was transplanted from another bike as I don’t think the US used any British Bikes. I could be wrong.

Perhaps it was a movie prop.

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1966 Dunelt 3 Speed

Also on Kijij this week is this 1966 Dunelt 3 speed with a leather Wrights saddle. Seller is asking $230 but I’m sure is open to a reasonable offer.

I’m not sure but it looks like the front forks could be bent.



Raleigh Sports 3 Speed

Here’s a nice coffee/bronze coloured Sports with a Dynohub listed on Kijiji, Toronto @ $175.00.



2016 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!

Save the Date.

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Raleigh Shopper 3 Speed

Another Kijiji posting here in Toronto. An early 70’s non folding Raleigh RSW. Located in Parkdale, seller is looking for a reasonable offer.



The Anatomy of a Bicycle Tyre

I picked up an old Norman Ladies’ frame recently and the front wheel/tire was on odd size, 26″ x 1 1/4″.


The tire itself was an old Dunlop Champion and completely shot. I wanted to keep the inner tube as I find old tubes hold air better than the new ones.

I tried to remove the tire with the regular tire irons but found it would not budge. Closer examination revealed a metal wire bead.


I cut the bead with bolt cutters and got it off.


Dunlop Champion.


26 x 1 1/4.


Hard to see but says “Inflate Hard”.

I suspect that this was an expensive racing tire.


Kijiji Listings

A couple of interesting bikes on Kijiji, Toronto this morning.

A mid 60’s Raleigh Sports @ $190.00 with a somewhat cumbersome “Sportshift”.


And a good lookin’ mid 70’s Raleigh Tourist @ $250.00.



1966 Dunelt 3 Speed

Currently advertised on Kijiji, Toronto. Asking price is $275.00.



The $3.00 Bicycle

This one’s back together and somewhat roadworthy. Total costs to date (excluding labour):

New brake cable @ $3.00


It rides and shifts OK but I think I’ll shell out for a new shifter cable ($8.00) and a new pair of brake pads ($5.00).


It just needs a bit more cleaning and some fine tuning.


Another Eatons Glider

I was looking for a Ladies’ bike for a friend of mine who is coming to town shortly and I didn’t want to spend too much as she’s only here for a month or so. George at Parkdale Bicycles had this Eatons Glider 5 speed out front and was kind enough to give it to me for this project.The frame was in decent shape and he had already repacked the bearings. The derailleur was missing as well as any cables and pads.

I decided to make it into a 3 speed as I have the parts in the shed.

The hub is dated 1965.


The only real costs on this will be for some new cables and pads. I’m hoping to keep this one under $20.00!

I think it will serve it’s purpose and when my friend returns to Mexico I’ll return the bike to George for him to sell. My work will count as a rental….



1974 Raleigh Superbe

A neighbour brought this bike over the other day for me to have a look at. She’d bought it on an impulse last year and now realizes that it’s too tall and heavy for her to ride and carry up to her apartment….

A responsible seller should have told her this.

Someone was interested in buying it and I just gave it a quick cleaning and topped up the oil/air etc.


An examination revealed it to be a 1974 Canadian built model and as far as I could tell was completely original with a few exceptions.


The coveted “R” nuts were there.


The Dynohub spun freely but did not seem to work.


The old style bell was very nice.

The bike had new tires and pads and rode very well.

There is a lesson here for people that want to buy a vintage bicycle. There’s a greater amount of owner responsibility in the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of these things than with some modern bikes.

It’s now somehow cool to ride one of these around but you need to be prepared to do your homework.


Sturmey Archer SC Coaster Hub



Another Eastman Winchester

Listed recently on Kijiji, a rod and lever equipped Eastman bicycle from India. $150 or best offer. It would make an interesting custom Path Racer.



Cheap Eatons Glider

I’ve done a quick rebuild on this one. Originally a 5 speed, I bought the frame for $20.00 and spent as little as possible to put it back together. Not much to look at but it rides fine and stops…

The rear wheel has a 1968 Sturmey Archer Coaster hub and there’s a single caliper on the front.


Total cost on this one:

Frame @ $20.00

Back Wheel and tire @ $10.00

2 cotter pins @ $2.00

Supplies @ $5.00

Everything else was either on the frame or came from pieces in the shed.

Frame also came with a nice period kickstand which will migrate over to one of my bikes in need.


This will either go to a former student (at cost) or be a loaner for a friend who’s coming to visit.


New Blue Raleigh for Steve

Blog reader Steve T. has sent some photos of his new purchase.

Details to follow.

DSCN0533.jpgDSCN0537.jpgDSCN0538.jpgDSCN0534.jpgDSCN0539.jpgDSCN0533 (1).jpgDSCN0540.jpgDSCN0535.jpgDSCN0541.jpg

 The bike is a 1979 Canadian made Superbe bought in Peterborough with all original parts. A lot of the parts I have replace where found on Kijiji, the front hub E bay. The wheel build cleaning and degreasing of bottom bracket and headset done by Dan
This fellow is in Oakville and does good work at an affordable price.  
Sun C18 rims with stainless steel straight spokes.
Rabino Flash tires 85 PSI
Velo Orange: handle bars, brake levers & seatpost
NIB German Union made 90 mm front hub with adjustable cones
Sturmey Archer SLS30- T3 shifters
Nitto Technomic Stem
MKS touring pedals
Stainless steel break cables & salmon break pads
CanadianTire chain & grips
Brooks Saddle & Millbrook bag


On a Positive Note

Had a very nice day here in Toronto on this Bitsa, Raleigh frame with 28″ wheels and a coaster brake….

Photo in front of the NEW Parts Unknown location, 642 King West at Bathurst (up the alley).


642 King West. George is up the alley to the right.


The old English name for a passage like this is a SNICKELWAY .

I’m not joking…..