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Expensive But Interesting

Another Kijiji posting in Toronto. A vintage Ladies DL-1 Tourist from the late 1930’s.

Seller is asking a hefty $1300.00 but given the age, condition and overall completeness the price may not be that out of line.

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The Quadrant Shifter was last used in 1938 along with the K hub.


A period Wrights composite saddle.



The paint and rims look good as well.


Broken Bottom Bracket

I had hoped to turn this Canadian built Raleigh frame into a 3 speed Path Racer of sorts. It looked like a good candidate as it was tall and free….


As it turns out, it would not accept the adjustable cup on the BB and a closer inspection revealed that it was cracked in a couple of spots. Not sure what would have caused this (over tightening?). In any case it’s been scrapped. I saved the  forks and am looking for a new frame/project.



Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show 2016!

This year’s show is scheduled for July 24th at Trinity Bellwoods Park here in Toronto.

Keep posted for details.


For a look at last year’s show click here.




1960 Oxford 3 Speed

This could be a re-branded Robin Hood. Union Cycle Company. Currently listed on Kijiji Toronto for $300.00. It is a tall frame, Precision Engineered and Safety Tested!



Union Cycle is a bit of a mystery brand with bikes being built in Japan, Germany, Holland and England. Below, a nice Japanese version. You can see how closely they were copying an English bike.



1978 Raleigh Supercycle


Trash or Treasure? You Decide!
A neighbour dropped off this rough Supercycle frame last night. I suspected that it was another Raleigh re-brand. The small Made in Canada sticker is the same as the one on my Canadian made (assembled?) Raleigh Superbe. The serial number, RN851730 decodes as R (Canada) N (October) 8 (1978).

Supercycle Gran Sport


73 Supercycle 3 Speed Project Update

This bike belongs to a friend at work. He bought a house last year and the bike was left behind in the garage. It looked to be in a sorry state. After disassembly and a good clean it appears that the bike has spent most of it’s life unridden.. Originally equipped with a Shimano 333 hub I plan to replace with a Sturmey Archer rear wheel. I’ve posted about these bikes before.

A strange CCM/Supercycle hybrid.

Work continues.

P1170203 P1170205 P1170207P1170208 P1170210 P1170211 P1170212After dis assembly it became clear that this was a very low mileage bicycle and had spent most of it’s 40 yeras stashed in a gararge. I decided to leave the Shimano 333 hub on the bike to preserve it’s originality. Other than time, the only costs on this one was $40.00. two new tires and a chain. The photos don’t capture the true colour.

Tall Cool Raleigh in a Black Dress

Yet another Kijiji post. Seller is asking $300.00 for this one. Not sure if they were ever offered in black, so it could be a re spray.

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2015 Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show

Dandyhorse published an online article about the show with some great photos.


The Parkdale Villager also covered the event.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.32.35 AM

1971 Hercules 3 Speed Progress.

I’m making some progress on this one. Disassembled and cleaned. The bottom bracket has been re packed and new tires installed. I’m hoping to find a few parts at the bike show tomorrow to complete.I’m always on the look out for those mini fenders…

P1170183 P1170184 P1170186 P1170187 P1170189 P1170191

CCM Sabre 3 Speed

Another post on Kijiji Toronto. Seller is asking $150.00.

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3 Speed Glider

This tall men’s bike was on Kijiji Toronto last week at a reasonable price.

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New Purchase/1971 Hercules 3 Speed

Picked up a somewhat ratty Hercules 3 speed the other day at a reasonable price ($80.00) The hub is poorly stamped but looks like 1971. Here are the before pictures. It has a Japanese “Speedic” leather saddle as well.

P1150851 P1150846 P1150845 P1150848 P1150843

Raleigh Superbe for Sale/Toronto

This one showed up today on Kijiji Toronto. Priced at $350.00 i don’t think it will last too long.

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Raleigh Laurentian 3 Speed

I think that this bike was made specifically for the Canadian market. Here’s a good example currently offered on Kijiji Toronto at a reasonable $140.00.

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Crazy Rat Bike

My neighbour Dan, put together this Rat Bike from a CCM Rambler and his parts bin. The massive chainring is from an old exercise bike. It takes a while to wind up to speed…

P1150466 P1150469 P1150471 P1150472 P1150474 P1150476 P1150478

Vintage Norman 3 Speed

Can’t remember where I saw this one….

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His and Hers Bicycles

Ads often pop up for His and Hers bicycles for sale. Couples often buy them together with the intent of getting out and more active. More often than not, it’s not the case. Before I was bitten by the 3 speed bug I bought a pair of Linus Gastons for my wife and myself.  Later, I bought a Ladies Superbe for my wife but she didn’t care for it and I sold it at the bike show. I also found a nice pair of His and Hers Raleigh Superbes for my Father-in law and his girlfriend as well.


CCM Continental 3 Speed

Another Toronto Kijiji ad, this one’s located near High Park with a very reasonable asking price of $160.00.

It won’t last long…

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CCM Galaxie 3 Speed

Here’s a clean example of a mid 60’s CCM Galaxie 3 speed offered at a very reasonable $100.00 on Toronto Kijiji.

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1956 Raleigh Sports

This one showed up today on Kijiji Toronto. The asking price is $450.00 or so and I’d be surprised if he gets any response considering the condition and the fact he says the gears don’t actually work….

$_27-8 $_27-2 $_27-5$_27-6 $_27-1 $_27-7 $_27 $_27-4 $_27-3

Raleigh Superbe

$_27-10 $_27-8 $_27-9

Vintage Miller Headlight Set

$_27-1 $_27-7 $_27-3 $_27-6 $_27 $_27-2



Raleigh Serial Numbers



Vintage 1972 Raleigh Carlton Glider 10-speed

Not a 3 speed but worthy of a mention. A nice clean. original bike at a reasonable price.

Currently available on Kijiji Toronto @ $160.00. The seller writes:

Vintage 1972 Raleigh Carlton Glider 10-speed road bike.

21.5-inch fully lugged and brazed frame made of TI-Raleigh proprietary 2030 high tensile tubing. Frame set made by Carlton in Worksop , England and bike assembled for Eatons by Raleigh in Nottingham. Chromed forks.
Sold by Eatons of Canada as a Raleigh “Truline Glider”.
Should fit a rider from 5’4″ to 5’9″ approx.

Most Eatons Gliders were single speed, 3-speed or 5-speed cruisers. This is one of the higher-end 10-speed racing models with Carlton frame and French and English drive parts.

Weinmann aluminum alloy brake levers with Carlton hoods
Weinmann aluminum alloy brake callipers – front and rear
Raleigh crank arms &
Raleigh chainrings (40 & 52 teeth)
Simplex front derailleur &
Simplex Prestige rear derailleur
Simplex gear levers and
GB aluminum alloy handlebar,
GB aluminum alloy handlebar stem

See many more pics of the bike here:

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Hey Hipster! Raleigh Glider for Sale!

This is the banner that appeared on Kijiji for this Raleigh built 3 speed Glider offered @ $135.00.

3 speeds are now hip!



BSA Golden Clubman 3 Speed

Not sure what year this is but hope to find out…

Rod, lever and drum brakes!

It must weigh a ton! I was going to have a look at this one yesterday but it had already sold. Just as well, really as I have too many bikes as it is!!

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1938 Hercules Falcon Finale

Last photo of this one for the time being.
1938 Hercules Falcon
I’ve attached an older, broken in Wrights saddle that’s more period appropriate.

P1140930 P1140932


1981 Raleigh DL-1 Tourist For Sale

Sara from Phoenix sent me these photos of her bike that she’s selling.

a 1980 Raleigh DL-1. She’s owned the bike for 28 years and is ready to find a new home for it. She’s asking $500.00. Located in Phoenix. Email address:

IMG_8647 IMG_8646

1938 Falcon Update

I think I’m finished with this for now.

I re routed the gear cable through a fulcrum and a cable guide, put on some vintage block pedals and a bell.

I also shortened the ends of the handlebars by about 1 1/2″.

P1140802 P1140799 P1140800 P1140801The paint looks pretty rough under the camera flash but not so bad in person. We call it a patina…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 2.31.19 PMFrom the 1938 catalogue. “Unchippable” electric blue paint.

The price of £6:8:0 for the 3 speed version converts to $672.00 in today’s money.

A solid investment for a working man in 1938!

Now I just need the weather to co operate….

20101214-GTSS1Snow storm, 1944. The Falcon was already 7 years old by this point.


Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!


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