Vintage 3 Speed Bicycles

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Another Bike From the Trash

A neighbour was throwing this out yesterday so I grabbed  it for a quick makeover.

I have a few students in need of transportation. It’s a Eaton’s Competition, Japanese parts, assembled in Canada by Beekay. Probably from the late 70′s early 80′s.

It appeared a quick fix/ cleanup. I switched the bars for some inverted North Road bars but discovered a broken bearing in the bottom bracket which I’ll try to replace today (Sunday).

Urbane Cycles on John is open at noon and should have the bearings and a couple of new crank pins as well.

P1120806 P1120808 P1120807

The rear derailleur is a Shimano Eagle. Disreali Gears dates it form 1974, so this could be the actual date of the bike.

P1120812 IMGP7245 (2)-filteredThe bike also has French made MAFAC Racer brakes (1952-1974). The rear brake was badly seized so it’s been replaced (for now) with a Raleigh brake.

316743EE-4730-46CA-A858-C2CB55EA84E6 Mafac_ad_Racer-Tiger

MafacRACERBelow is what the bike probably looked like originally.

Screen shot 2014-07-13 at 8.50.56 AM


Vintage Road Master

My neighbour, Dan collects and sells rat bikes from the 40′s and 50′s. This is his Road Master.

P1120768 P1120769 P1120772Vintage skull and bones valve covers.

P1120775A rear reflector/spoke lock combo.

P1120776 P1120778I, in turn sold him a Thunder Jet bicycle similar to the one below.


Made by the Chain Bike Corp. they eventually changed their name to Ross.

Here’s a Ross that showed up today on Kijiji.

$_20-10 $_20-11


Ladies Raliegh 3 Speed with Rod Brakes

Not sure what this model is ( looks like a Superbe) but a very cool bike at a reasonable price. It has a rear Dynohub as well. Listed on Kijiji Toronto @ $ 270.00.

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3 Speed Supercycle

A clean and original 3 speed Supercycle, circa 1965. Note the period correct cable braids.

Currently listed on Kijiji Toronto @ $175.00

$_20-ee2 $_20-ww1 $_20-ds3


J.C. Higgins 3 Speed

A British built 3 speed for the  for Sears, A  J.C. Higgins  from the early to mid 1960′s. Note the nicely broken in leather saddle. Listed for $175.00 on Kijiji Toronto.

$_20 $_20-1 $_20-2


CCM Galaxie 3 Speed

Another Kijiji listing @ 175.00. Very clean and original.

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Hiawatha 3 Speed

I’ve never heard of this brand…

$_2220 33 2453Here’s what Dave’s Vintage Bicycles has to say about the Hiawatha brand:

“Hiawatha brand bicycles were sold by Gambles Hardware stores from the 1930′s through the 1970′s. Most Hiawatha bicycles were manufactured by the Cleveland Welding Company or the Shelby Cycle Company, however some were made by Murray Ohio and Huffman Manufacturing. The most sought after Hiawatha bicycle is the late 1930′s Arrow model, built by Shelby. It featured extreme styling and was similar to the Shelby Airflow model.”

Below is the 1938 Arrow model.



New Home for an Old Friend

This Supercycle 3 speed has found a new owner in Hamilton and is currently getting a make over. Photos to follow soon.

Coming soon, the Third Annual Toronto Vintage Bicycle Show!

Sunday July 27th at Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto.

p1050588The work in progress below.

-551 -552 -553 -554 -555


Vintage Bikes For Sale

There’s a guy in my neighbourhood (Parkdale) that always has a few vintage bikes for sale. I bought my first Raleigh 3 speed from him a few years ago and he delivered it to my house.

He locks them up at the north end of Sorauren Park or sometimes on Roncesvalles.

Here’s his latest offering. A tall Raleigh Sports 3 Speed.




Vintage CCM

This one was spotted yesterday at the Liquor Store.

P1120111 P1120113 P1120115


1967 Dunelt 3 Speed Update

My friend Adam gave me a set of shorty fenders yesterday and I think they’re a nice addition to this project.

P1120134 P1120136 P1120138



1967 Raleigh 3 Speed Folding Bike

I don’t really care for these folding bikes but this one is quite nice and priced well @ 280.00 ($240.00 without the Brooks saddle.

Can be found on Kijiji Toronto.

$_20ddd $_20sw-1 $_20sw-2 $_20sw-3 $_20sw-5 $_20sw-6 $_20sw-7


A Western Flyer and a Humber

My neighbour, Dan came by today with two of his recent purchases. The first a late 1930′s Western Flyer Rat Bike and the second, a 1930′s Humber with a double top tube.

P1120074 P1120076 P1120077 P1120088 P1120092 P1120091 P1120093



1953 Humphrey 3 Speed

I gave this bike a little makeover this weekend with the intention to sell it. It’s time to purge a few of the non English bikes.

This is a 1953 Humphrey, a CCM subsidiary that was built in a factory on Bulwer Street here in Toronto. Bulwer is really a lane that runs from Spadina to Soho just north of Queen.

It has a composite Wrights saddle and some vintage Super Jet grips.

P1120079 P1120081 P1120082 P1120083 P1120086 P1120084


Eatons Glider 3 Speed

Another Raleigh built Eatons Glider 3 Speed for sale last week on Kijiji Toronto.

From the pedals it looks like it’s from the early to mid 70′s.

I can’t remember the asking price but recall it being quite reasonable.

$_20bm $_20-rr1 $_20-re2 $_20-tty3


1939 Raleigh Gents Superbe Safety Tourist NOS

This ones for only the most serious of bicycle collectors. Priced at $25,000.00 (YES) it’s a NOS (New Old Stock) 1939 Raleigh Tourist in unrestored showroom condition.

The full listing is here.

$_57plk $_57ttt $_57yyh $_57hgf $_57wqe $_57hmv $_57dag $_57kkl $_57nbv $_57bbd $_57kli $_57vdr


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